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When you take two indies, do that layering thing, and then mattify…

Squeee! Swap Polish!!

Hallo friends! It’s just me again and I’m still playing in #CathsCollection. She lent me about 25 bottles of her most treasured polishes with a hard promise to send ‘em back to her when I’m done.

KBShimmer Stonewashed Swatches Manigeek

KBShimmer Stonewashed

We swap. Yes, we do. She mails me a whack of her stuffs and I mail her a whack of my stuffs. Then we send it all back. For the price of about one indie bottle, we both get to try dozens of things we ordinarily wouldn’t. It works smashingly for us because we’re both on no-buys (insert guffaw here) and are trying really hard to shop our own stashes so we can save a few bucks for the Indie Expo that’s coming to Toronto in early June 2017.

KBShimmer Stonewashed plus GirlyBits Refresh Refresh Top Coat

KBShimmer Stonewashed plus Girly Bits Refresh! Refresh! Refresh! top coat

So what am I showing you today? It’s KBShimmer’s Stonewashed with a side of Girly Bits Refresh! Refresh! Refresh! That’s 1 good coat of Stonewashed with 1 coat of Refresh. I could have done 2 Refreshes but I kinda liked the subtlety of one.

And then, because I couldn’t help myself, I mattified. Yes, I haz problems.

KBShimmer Stonewashed with Girly Bits Refresh Top Coat mattified

KBShimmer Stonewashed plus Girly Bits Refresh! Refresh! Refresh! top coat

Now for the disappointing part: you can no longer get Stonewashed. Booooo (but if you head over to, I’m sure there’ll be something else there that gives you #GrabbyHands). And the happy not-disappointing part? You CAN still get Refresh! Refresh! Refresh! direct from Yay!

I do hope you’re enjoying these little dips into Cath’s Collection as much as I am. It’s so rare I have time to get online and shop for my own polishes that it's a great treat to play in a collection as diverse as Cath’s.

See ya’ll soon!

Manicures & Photos Karen Falcon (she used her favourite Revlon Matte Top Coat 790 for the win)