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I’m pretty sure Nailz Mailz Swappin’ is Da Best!
Femme Fatale 2084 Swatches Review

Femme Fatale 2084 Nail Lacquer

Greetings to you, nail polish nerdies! Today, Swap Polish: Femme Fatale 2084.

You: Uh, Manigeek? What’s a Swap Polish? 

Me: Well, it’s a polish that’s been borrowed from a fellow Canadian Nail Nerd, with a hard promise to send it back.

You: Why you do that, Manigeek? Don’t you have enough polish?

Me: Uh, no. And, for the low, low price of a small flat-rate mailer ($13.99 CAD), I can play in a whole bunch of different things that are in #CathsCollection, and Cath can play in a bunch of My Archives at the same time! You know, because we swapped! Wheeee!!

Femme Fatale 2084 Nail Polish Swatches Review_1

Femme Fatale 2084 Nail Lacquer

For our latest swap, one of the things Cath sent me is this pretty thingy. It’s called Femme Fatale 2084 and was released in late 2016 as part of the Welcome To Mars collection. She's all the way from Australia, via London, ON, Canada to me in Toronto, ON, Canada. Fun, right?

Femme Fatale Nail Polish Swatches Review_2

Femme Fatale 2084 Nail Lacquer

Application was a treat. I did 3 very thin coats and because it’s a satin-matte finish, each coat was dry before the next. That gave me a lovely, smooth, level result. Could I have used 2 thicker coats? Sure. But I prefer thin. Why? Because I get more control with less polish on my brush. For me, control is errrrrything.

Femme Fatale 2084 Nail Polish with Top Coat

Femme Fatale 2084 Nail Lacquer with Top Coat

Hit with different light, the super-fine red shimmer in this neutral can either be subtle, or not. She's very change-y and I think that’s part of the majesty of it. Plus, when you add top coat (above), you get more depth of colour and the shimmer seems to almost radiate underneath. This thing is great! It’s totally Total Recall!

So, can you still get you a bottle of Femme Fatale 2084 if you neeeeed it? Yeps! Where? From,,  and Prices & shipping vary.

Thanks for stopping by, friends! And big thanks to Cath (aka @kuklacath) for the amazeballs swap!
See ya'll soon,

Manicures & Photographs Karen Falcon (she's wondering if anyone else in Canada is interested in swappin' pretties...)