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And, the Lipstick League wants to know, how are those purchases working out for you?
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This week the Lipstick League asks, Quick! What were the last shampoo and conditioner purchases you made, and how are they working for you?

Head & Shoulders Cooling Relief

Head & Shoulders Cooling Relief – I love the 2-in-1. Yes, I do.

Well kids, I have the dandruff. Or I would if I stopped using the only shampoo/conditioner I ever buy. My scalp is allergic to Malassezia globosa poo. (Malassezia globosa is a bacteria that makes its happy home on all our scalps. Its job is to consume sebum; and then it excretes invisible-to-the-naked-eye waste that for some of us, causes an itching, flaking action we know as dandruff. Not dry scalp, but dandruff.) Ugh.

Thanks to Head & Shoulders and its pyrithione zinc, though, there's no evidence that dandruff is a problem for me... because with H&S, it's not.

One more thing: I usually get a men's Head & Shoulders because it has a little less conditioning (my hair does better with light in-shower conditioning + leave-in + styling mousse or cream), and I prefer a 2-in-1 to save hair-washing minutes. And I get shiny, healthy-looking results.

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Here's what the Lipstick League is talking about right now

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(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Nouveau Cheap is Currently Craving: Cetaphil has a new fragrance-free, bi-phase Gentle Makeup Remover that I can’t stop thinking about. I’m loving that it contains aloe vera, cucumber extract, and green tea.

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So, what was your most recent shampoo-and-conditioner purchase, and how is it working out for you?

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