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Zoya created a limited-edition nail colour in partnership with car company Buick, and we're giving one (nail polish, not car) away with base coat and top coat to a beautygeek reader in Canada!
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Zoya Avista Blue_Zoya x Buick Avista Concept Car

Zoya Avista Blue + Zoya Sia Negative Space Manicure

See this? It’s the limited edition Zoya Avista Blue that you’re going to wish you could get your digits in – but you can’t. 

Oh wait! If you're one of our lucky Canadian readers, maybe you can?

Buick Avista x Zoya Avista Blue

Buick Avista x Zoya Avista

So there’s this car. It’s a concept car called the Buick Avista (above). It’s a pretty lookin’ car, but what really grabbed me was the colour. It’s this shimmery midnight blue that in the shade borders on mysterious black. In the sun, it’s a metallic, almost cobalt navy. OMGorgeous! If only there were a polish to match… 

There totally is.

Zoya Avista Blue

Zoya Avista Blue

Zoya Avista Blue (above). Here – just look at this swatch of it straight up. I know, right?

Zoya Avista Blue lightboxed_Buick Avista

Zoya Avista Blue

Zoya Avista Blue (above). The same swatch shot in wholly unnatural light. Both are accurate, but I gotta say I much prefer to shoot with natural light. The fake stuff makes my skin a weird colour. Agree? Disagree? Huh?

Zoya Avista Blue_BuickStyle Concept Car

Zoya Avista Blue + Zoya Sia = #BuickStyle 

And here, look at this awesome mani I got at Tips Nail Bar in Toronto at the Buick Avista event (above). Yes. Amazing. And 100% freehand. Like, whaaaaat? Oh yes, freehand. No tape – none. Oh, and the lighter royal blue is Zoya Sia.

Buick Avista Blue Lookbook (above). These are the designs Nargis Khan (@NailsFromNars) came up with for Buick x Zoya. I picked "Differentiator" and modified it with negative space instead of white. Who painted it? Miyuki, another Tips Nail Bar star.

Zoya Giveaway Avista Blue Nail Polish x Buick

The Giveaway: Zoya NM Base, Zoya Avista, Zoya NM Glossy Seal

But enough about my fave Toronto nail bar. How about we tell you that we talked to some people and managed to score a single Buick x Zoya set (includes Naked Base, Avista Blue, and Glossy Seal) to give away to one of our Canadian readers? 

Yeah! We did! We scored! If you're in Canada, and your 18th birthday is in your rearview mirror, maybe you can score too! Enter below, as many times as you want to, and good luck polish nerdies! We're accepting entries until next Saturday March 4th at 11:59pm.

See ya’ll later, friends!

Manicures: Miyuki Nakatomi (nail art) & Karen Falcon
Manicure photos Karen Falcon