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Let's save you some money! Or maybe not! Plus: the meaning of "dupe."

Yes! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Rejoice, nail nerds: your OPI Fiji Collection Comparison Swatches & Dupes post has arrived!

OPI Fiji Collection 2017 Swatches Review Beautygeeks

OPI Fiji Spring 2017 collection swatches

Okay, first the housekeeping part… These sticks are not nearly as colour accurate as the mani swatches you’ll find in the OPI Fiji Collection Swatch/Review post

Some of the shots here are 100% desk lamp, some are daylight with desk lamp, and one is just totally wrong. They’re not to help you choose a colour. Instead, they’re here to help you figure out if you need to go shopping or if you’ve got something close enough hiding in your Archives.

Let’s see if we can save some chedda!

opi fiji 2017 comparison swatches & dupes

OPI Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon Dupes Comparison Swatches

OPI Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon comparison swatches

OPI Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon comparison swatches (above). As soon as this collection hit, I saw people all over the interwebz saying that this shade was a dupe for Mod About You. Grrr. It is not. Dupe means duplicate. Duplicate means exactly the same; identical, a clone, similar in every detail. No. Not a dupe. Not a clone. Not identical. Close? Sure. Dupe, no.

OPI Getting Nadi on my Honeymoon Comparisons

OPI Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon comparisons

OPI Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon comparisons that someone asked for (above). That comment section on the other post was a minefield of great requests. Someone wanted to see these (forgive me for not remembering who), so here they are, just for you!

OPI Polly Want a Lacquer Comparisons Dupes

OPI Polly Want a Lacquer? comparison swatches

OPI Polly Want a Lacquer? comparison swatches (above). Huh. Weirdly, I thought I’d have more.

OPI Two Timing the Zones Comparisons Dupes

OPI Two-Timing the Zones comparison swatches

OPI Two-Timing the Zones comparison swatches (above). Yeah, if you *think* you’ve got something close, you probably do.

OPI No Tan Lines Comparisons Dupes

OPI No Tan Lines comparison swatches

OPI No Tan Lines comparison swatches (above). The top 3 are jellies so while they look similar, they kind of aren’t just because they don’t get to opaque easily. The rest though? I've got zero dupes. Close, but no. I’d neeeeed No Tan Lines – it’s got a wee bit more cream than my closest, the black label OPI from 2005 (that’s what the BL means).

OPI Living on the Bulavard Comparisons Dupes

OPI Living on the Bula-vard comparison swatches

OPI Living on the Bula-vard comparison swatches (above). Unh, I think I’ve seen this somewhere before…

OPI Living on the Bulavard vs Cajun Shrimp

OPI Living on the Bula-vard and Cajun Shrimp comparison

OPI Living on the Bula-vard vs OPI Cajun Shrimp. Different. Not the same. But close. Close enough that you don’t need to shop? You tell me!

OPI Exotic Birds Dont Tweet Comparisons Dupes

OPI Exotic Birds Don't Tweet comparison swatches

OPI Exotic Birds Don’t Tweet comparison swatches (above). Bam! Lookit all dat yella!

OPI Is That a Spear in Your Pocket Comparisons Dupes

OPI Is That A Spear in Your Pocket? comparison swatches

OPI Is That A Spear in Your Pocket? comparison swatches (above). I have good news! The Spear in my Pocket didn’t stain mah digits! I put a coat on my pinky finger (without a base coat - *gasp) and left it on there for a coupla days. The Spear didn’t stain my natural nail, nor did it stain my gel basecoat! Amazing! 

But, uh… be careful when you remove the Spear, k? Don’t twist. Twisting will getcha.

OPI Suzi Without a Paddle vs Gelato On My Mind Dupes

OPI Suzi Without a Paddle comparison swatches

OPI Suzi Without a Paddle comparison swatches (above). Again, as soon as this polish launched, the web was all “It’s totally a dupe for Gelato On My Mind!” Uh, no. It’s not. It’s close though. Here, against a white background with 100% desk lamp, I hope you can see what I mean.

OPI Suzi Without a Paddle Comparisons Dupes

OPI Suzi Without a Paddle comparison swatches

OPI Suzi Without a Paddle comparison swatches (above). But here, in natural light, it’s even closer. Dupe? No. Dupe means 100% the same. Similar? Yes. I’d put this at 97% similar. To you it might be semantics. To me (and my crazy eye for colour), it’s like a world of difference. But that’s why you’re here, right? Because I’m a nerd?

OPI Super Tropicalifijiistic Comparisons Dupes

OPI Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic comparison swatches

OPI Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic comparison swatches (above). Ugh, so hard to shoot, and totally not colour accurate, but I tell ya what: its not the same as My Pal Joey. Close, but I can’t show you the difference with my camera. I just can’t. I tried and tried and failed. Sorry!

OPI Do You Sea What I Sea comparisons dupes

OPI Do You Sea What I Sea? comparison swatches

OPI Do You Sea What I Sea? comparison swatches (above). I really, really, really thought I’d have a dupe. Clearly, I do not. If you love the bright shimmery blues, seriously, get this one. It’s my favourite from the whole of Fiji!

OPI Coconuts over OPI Comparisons Dupes

OPI Coconuts Over OPI comparison swatches

OPI Coconuts Over OPI comparison swatches (above). One reader had an eyeball as nerdy as mine (*waving – Hi Cath!) and figured that Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in Nude Awakening was close. It’s the closest I can get in The Archives and for me, it’s just a tiny bit too dark to be my perfect neutral. 

Oh, Essie At the Barre is in there by comparison request.

OPI I Can Never Hut Up Comparisons Dupes

OPI I Can Never Hut Up comparison swatches

OPI I Can Never Hut Up comparison swatches (above). Pictures really are worth 1000 words!

And there you are! I do hope this comparison study is everything you hoped it would be, and I hope it saves you some dough! If you’re looking for the original mani swatches, here’s a handy slideshow:

Availability: Now. All 12 shades available in GelColor, Infinite Shine (totally go see Lisa's Fiji IS post for those!), and this regular lacquer. Please enjoy these lazy shopping links that may or may not already have OPI Fiji for sale: (<- that's where I got mine from because they're best & fastest & a good friend to all Beautygeeks readers),,,,

Manicures & Photographs by Karen Falcon (she bought a family-sized bag Crunchy Cheetos for $1.88! Whatta score!)
images/copy may not be used without permission