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Bad, Manigeek. Bad, bad Manigeek.

Sometimes I do bad things. Not like, bad, bad. Just bad. I buy nail polish. Like I need more polish, right?

Models Own Pear Purple Swatches Review NOTD Beautygeeks

Models Own Pear Purple (no top coat) - Diamond Luxe Collection 2014

But wait! I bought this Models Own Pear Purple (above) from that place where many discontinued nail polishes go to die. I got it from Winners (aka TJ Maxx or Marshalls). Sometimes you can really win there and sometimes, not so much. I totally won this time... $4.99 CAD!! And look! With no top coat, and in bright natural winter light, she almost looks mottled. To me, that's kinda neat!

Models Own Pear Purple Diamond Luxe Swatches Review

Models Own Pear Purple - no top coat

Models Own Pear Purple (above). The Models Own brand of nail polish isn’t so easy to come by here in Toronto. Mostly, if I want it, I gotta shop online. I much prefer to hold a bottle in my hand and get my eyeballs on it in real life before I buy so when I saw it, I bought it. Couldn’t help it. And I’m glad I did.

It comes from a 2014 collection called Models Own Diamond Luxe which was a whack of 10 shades that contained real diamond dust. I don’t know from Diamond Dust (except OPI used to use it in their DS Series many moons ago). All I know is that I loved the easy 2-coat application and I quite like the colour and the finish without top coat. Somehow, top coat seems to kill a little of the flecky sparklies.

Models Own Pear Purple Swatches Review_Diamond Luxe Collection 2014

Models Own Pear Purple with topcoat

Models Own Pear Purple with topcoat (above). See? Shiny – and still purdy though, right?

Anyhow, this is what I spent my morning playing with. Can you get one? Sure! has it in stock for $10.50 CAD. (I like my $4.99 much better). Do you stalk Winners/TJ/Marshalls for polish? Have you found awesome stuffs there too?

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