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A hostess-gift no-brainer, one of these fragrant fancies is the next best thing to a monogrammed present.
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Fresh Zodiac soap collection 2016

Fresh Zodiac Soap Collection 2016/17

There's a chance I might have scratched my sister's name into a new bar of soap when I was a kid. (Or maybe our brother Simon did it?) 

It was Karen's name in order to implicate her, of course – who's dumb enough to scratch his or her own name into something that'll lead directly to a scolding? (My parents are thrifty; they can't abide waste. Gouging out perfectly useable bits of soap and sending it down the drain is definitely wasteful and thus an admonishable offence.)

Fresh Zodiac Soap: Sagittarius (Mangosteen scent with a little wire-wrapped tiger's eye gemstone

Fresh Zodiac Soap: Sagittarius (Mangosteen scent with a little wire-wrapped tiger's eye gemstone

When executed with far more finesse than a safety pin on the sly, having someone's name embossed/etched/printed on a notebook, necklace, fragrance bottle or Coca-Cola bottle is a sweet gift – humans adore their names on stuff. But that kind of customization can be tricky when options are endless and it isn't engraved to order.

Fresh Zodiac Soap 2016/17 Capricorn (Sugar scent)

Fresh Zodiac Soap: Capricorn (Sugar scent with a wire-wrapped quartz crystal accent) 

Zodiac signs are easier – only 12 options – and for those of us that kinda, sorta, maybe believe that stuff has any sort of relevance, they're almost as good as a monogrammed gift (and certainly better than your name dug into Lifebuoy Soap with a rickety pin).

Fresh Zodiac soap 2016/2017 Aquarius (Verbena scent)

Fresh Zodiac Soap: Aquarius (Verbena scent with a wire-wrapped aventurene quartz)

As you can see, Fresh has brought back its limited-edition Zodiac Oval Soap Collection ($18 CAD and $15 USD at in time for holiday hostess-gift season. Four scents make up the 12 signs: 

  • Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn = Sugar (with a quartz stone accent)
  • Aries, Leo and Sagittarius = Mangosteen (with a tiger's eye stone)
  • Gemini, Libra and Aquarius = Verbena (with an aventurene stone
  • Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio = Waterlily (with a fluorite stone)
Fresh Zodiac Soap 2016/17 Cancer (Waterlily scent)

Fresh Zodiac Soap: Cancer (Waterlily scent with a wire-wrapped fluorite crystal)

For related horoscopes for the coming year, Fresh tapped astrologer Susan Miller, founder of Right now the reigning sign is Sagittarius (ManiGeek is a Sagittarius!):

Videos for all the Fresh Zodiac-sign soaps are at

How much stock do you put into Zodiac lore? Are you a Fresh soap fan? What's your fave scent? Would you give or be happy to receive one of these as a hostess gift?

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