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Cyber Monday... It's a perfect time for Shoppin' my stash...

Fellow polish fiends! I’m in a polish lull. There’s a seasonal space between Holiday and Spring where mainstream brands seem to take a break. I’m so great with that! It means I get to go #WanderingTheArchives!

OPI A Dozen Rosas_OPI Mexico Collection 2006 BLOPI

OPI A Dozen Rosas - Mexico Collection 2006

Today, because I got nuthin’ urgent on my desk, I decided to open my OPI “A” drawer. What's in there? Uh, 46 bottles of OPI (not including Infinite Shine) that start with the letter “A”. What did I pick? A BLOPI. It’s OPI A Dozen Rosas from the 2006 Mexico Collection.

She's got a subtle golden stealth-shimmer that gives her incredible reflective powers. I love her. If you absolutely need to get one, you'll have to hit where she's running around $25. Would I pay that? Nope. I'd wait until I found it somewhere for $10. 

OPI A Dozen Rosas BLOPI_OPI Mexico Collection 2006

OPI A Dozen Rosas - Mexico Collection 2006

You got any BLOPI pinks? What’s your favourite? I neeeeed to know!
Chat soon!

Manicures & Photographs Karen Falcon (you saw our amazeballz Squish Giveaway, right? Mmmm… Squish…)