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Late at night, I creep store aisles for this stuff because I love the brush, I love the formula, and I really love the price.
Essence Dream On Nail Polish 2016_Essence The Gel Dream On

Essence Dream On – Essence The Gel Nail Polish

Hi errrrybody! It’s just me, Karen, and I’ve been lurking in the aisles of my Shoppers Drug Mart store again. Well, not the aisles, just the one aisle that has all the Essence nail polishes in it. It’s my favourite aisles of all the aisles!

Essence Ice Cream Party_Essence Nail Polish Ice Cream Party Fall 2016

Essence Ice Cream Party – Essence The Gel Nail Polish

Over the last few months, there’s been new stuff added, and while a couple of shades have escaped my grubby little hands, I’ve managed to snag most of them. The limited-edition displays often only have 4 of each shade; sometimes, I’m just too late. 

Essence Nail Polish Be Awesome Tonight_Essence the Gel Nail Polish 2016

Essence Be Awesome Tonight! – Essence The Gel Nail Polish

I’d love to know who got there before me. It’s actually rare for me to see people shopping Essence Cosmetics, but then again, I do sorta go late at night so I can have the polish corridor all to myself. I'm stealthy like that.

Essence Nail Polish Coral Me Crazy_Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail Polish

Essence Coral Me Crazy – Essence The Gel Nail Polish

I’ve rambled on about Essence nail polish many times in the past and that’s just because I love it. I love the brush, I love the formula, I love the little clicky-lock feeling when you close the bottles up, and I really love the price. The only thing I don’t love is that there aren’t more shades available here in Canada.

Essence Nail Polish Dreaming of Love_Essence Cosmetics The Gel Nail 2016

Essence Dreaming of Love? – Essence The Gel Nail Polish

If you’ve been stalking the Essence Cosmetics displays at your store (I can't be the only one, can I?), you’ve noticed the Color ‘n Go line has been replaced with Essence The Gel. 

Essence The Gel Nail Polish_Essence Feels Like Birthday 2016

Essence Feels Like Birthday – Essence The Gel Nail Polish

The shades have all been updated with the new formula, but the colour-actual seems to have remained mostly the same. The brushes are the same too – yay!

Essence Nail Polish So What_Essence Cosmetics Gel Nail 2016

Essence So What? – Essence The Gel Nail Polish

Essence Colour and Care Nail Polish

Essence Colour & Care Strengthening Nail Polish

I’ve heard stories and seen images of a new 4-shade Colour & Care line (above) as well but sadly, it’s not here in Canada at my Shoppers… yet. 

I hope it hops across the pond soon because from the looks of it, they're very pretty pastels. My Insta-pal SundanceGirl tagged me (above) so I could see. That’s a pretty mint, right?

Essence Free Hugs Nail Polish_Essence The Gel Free Hugs 2016

Essence Free Hugs – Essence The Gel Nail Polish

I could of course talk about Essence The Gel nail polish application, but instead of reading all the words, why not just look?

See? Easy as 1-2-3.

Essence Amazed By You Nail Polish

Essence Amazed By You – Essence The Gel Nail Polish

Now I’d love to hear your thoughts on this polish. Have you tried it? Can you get your hands on it easily? If you can get it, why haven't you tried it? Do you also wish there were more of it? My enquiring mind needs to know!

Essence Black is Back Nail Polish_Essence Cosmetics the Gel 2016 Swatches

Essence Black is Back – Essence The Gel Nail Polish

Oh yeah, I sometimes forget you can only zoom in the slideshows so here, have an Essence The Gel Nail Polish Slideshow of all the 2016 stuff I showed you up there.

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Manicures & Photos by Karen Falcon (Super-Fun Taco Night tonite!)