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With nails this reflective, you don't need your mirrored compact for lipstick touch-ups anymore. Oh, and this chrome mani lasts up to two weeks...
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ombre chrome manicure by nargis khan/tips nail bar

Ombré chrome gel manicure by Nargis Khan at Tips Nail Bar on client Eisee Sylvester.

Okay, maybe using your mani as a handy mirror during makeup touch-ups isn't quite the end result of the new mirror-chrome gel manicure craze, but look at that metal gleam. It's shiny-new-car reflective, isn't it? (The version Gigi Hadid wears below was almost that expensive at $2,000 USD, but mostly because of the tiny crystals on the underside of the synthetic nail tips.)

Like everyone else, we at Beautygeeks are somewhat obsessed with the mirror chrome mani. You caught our ManiGeek's recent Best Chrome Polish post, right? But for us this chrome-tastic nail craze is about more than just polish – it's about the gel manicure version, because with a finish this spectacular, you want it to last.

chrome pigments by A-ORA

Chrome manicure pigments by Japanese company A-ORA

In a chrome mani, the mirror shine comes from sparkly metallic polymer pigment buffed over what's essentially a gel-mani base. A black base makes the chrome pop; white works too; and fuchsia under the silver chrome = rose gold. Fun, right??

A couple of months back we popped by our fave mani mecca, Tips Nail Bar in Toronto, to watch owner and nail guru (we don't use that term lightly) Leeanne Colley in chrome-gel-manicure action. 

At the time, Leeanne was working on a technique to deliver a chrome mani that would last more than a paltry 24 hours. Now she and her amazing team has hit on a system that results in a mirror chrome gel mani that holds up for about two weeks.

The ultra-fine pigment does tend to fly a little during the application process; resign yourself to an incidental dusting of fairy shimmer on your hands during your appointment. Think of it as part of the magic. Note: Leeanne and her team buff on just a tiny bit of the mirror chrome powder at a time. Using a generous amount just makes for more mess and wastes the pigment.

I love the silver chrome in particular on medium-long oval nails. (#magpie) Mine are quite short right now; they should be ready in a few weeks and I can't wait. In the meantime, I'm enjoying this ombré silver chrome mani by nail artist Nargis Khan of Tips Nail Bar. (Thank you to Eisee Sylvester for letting me geek out and take snaps!)

ombre chrome gel mani_nail artist nargis khan_client eisee sylvester

Ombré chrome gel manicure by Nargis Khan at Tips Nail Bar on client Eisee Sylvester

Have you had a chrome mani yet? You thinking about it? Straight-up chrome or ombré? Silver or coloured? Or are you waiting for holographic mirror chrome??