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Yet another fugly polish swatched for your edification (and mine)

Hallo fellow polish fiends! Welcome back for another instalment #ArchiveAtrocities! If you don't know the deal, I'm swatching my least favourite polishes as well as I can, shooting them, and putting them up on my Instagram for your opinions. 

This week's #ArchiveAtrocities feature? Essie Belugaria, my #1 most hated polish of all time.

For your enjoyment, below is a completely unmodified shot I took for a contract waaaay back in 2013. It's exactly what I'd have used on Beautygeeks to review the Encrusted Treasures collection.

Archive Atrocities Essie Belugaria_Ugliest Nail Polish 2

Essie Belugaria – Encrusted Treasures Holiday 2013

And this is what happened to the shot (below) when it was used in a print advertorial for Essie Holiday 2013. It was photoshopped to show to light up the darkest areas, smooth out my skin and erase my cuticles. Get a load of the difference in my pinky! Hahahhaa!

Essie Belugaria Ugliest Nail Polishes 2

Totally Photoshopped (not by me) Essie Belugaria

Anyhow, back to my most hated nail polish of ever... Will it be a 🙈 or a 💕? Your opinion is 100% valid! I know some people love it and some people hate it. 

Me? I think I made that thing look pretty swell and that's all I have to say about that.

Essie Belugaria

Essie Belugaria (image via

Oh right - I gotta put this blahblahblah part in - I always forget because, mostly, it's boring... If you must have a bottle of *shudders* Essie Belugaria, you can find it at For more information on all things Essie, visit

See you soon, friends!

Manicures & photographs Karen Falcon (she thinks Belugaria can be almost-pretty but she still really, really despises it)