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This mutant can heal near instantly from bullet wounds. So why the still-red skin?
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When I saw the movie Savages, my jaw dropped as I watched Salma Hayek's queen-pin character slather her face in a thick layer of La Mer Crème de la Mer from a jar that retails for more than $500 CAd. 

Salma Hayek La Mer Savages

Savages: Salma Hayak as Elena smearing her skin liberally with Crème de la Mer

Thanks to my beautygeeks-gig, that scene will forever be my first mental flash whenever anyone mentions Savages, Salma Hayek or La Mer. (The second is that La Mer sources seaweed from Canada.) Movie beauty-moment memories are, you might say, an occupational hazard.

X-Men: Days of Future Past was on TV the other day. I'd seen it in the theatre, but it took seeing it on the small screen for me to notice something off about Wolverine. No, not off as in his clothes, although obviously on the giant theatre screen I'd been distracted by Hugh Jackman's insane physique. 

Hugh Jackman Wolverine sun damage

"What the hell is that on my upper chest?"

The other night, watching on my 27-inch television, I frowned and asked aloud: "why does Wolverine have sun damage? He's supposed to heal instantly – look there he goes with the bullet holes. So why are his neck and upper chest still reddened from UV exposure?"

Hugh Jackman Wolverine in the buff with sun damage

"WTF? Why the *@#! is my skin still red?"

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and UVA/UVB

"I know I was exposed to strong UV yesterday, but this redness should be long gone."

Hugh Jackman Wolverine and sun damage

"This makes no sense. I've never needed sunscreen before."

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine healing from bullet wounds... and sun damage?

"Just tell me the damn sun damage is healing like these bullet wounds."

Someone in makeup should maybe have said, "Hugh, let's get you in for a quick St. Tropez sesh before filming." Cuz Wolverine shouldn't have UVA/UVB damage for more than a few seconds, ever.

Oh, I also need someone to explain how Wolverine's pants survived the same Phoenix-generated supernatural fire that burned away the top of his uniform and his skin in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Wolverine's pants in X-Men The Last Stand

Jean Grey/Phoenix burned off Wolverine's shirt and skin – how did his pants survive?

Serious stuff to ponder on Labour Day, I know. *sigh*

Do beauty-related questions infiltrate your brain when you watch movies? Are there specific brands or product-related moments that stand out for you long after you've forgotten the rest of the film?