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Uh oh... there's a sale. And if I know about it, you should too. #sorrynotsorry

It's just after 8am, Saturday September 3rd and I've been up since 5 - in the morning! Gah! I shouldn't have started browsing the Sephora Sale section for Formula X shades, but I did. Big mistake. Here, lemme show you why.

As of the time of posting, these were all available ($7 CAd and $5 USd).

As was all this.

And this, this, and this. ($7.50 USd)

Ugh. I want all. Especially this ($17 CAd and $15 USd).

You've probably heard that old saying, "misery loves company." Misery, schmisery – I say nothing loves company more than shopping

Who's with me?

shoppity shop-shop