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If you're not already using the famously fabulous facial cotton pads I use, you're missing out.
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One of my greatest beauty loves is the answer to this week's Lipstick League query: Do you use cotton pads at any point in your skincare routine? If yes, do you have a favourite brand or type?

Shiseido Facial Cotton: Yes, sir, yes sir, three bags full sir. Please.

Shiseido Facial Cotton: Yes, sir, yes sir, three bags full sir. Please.

Three words: Shiseido Facial Cotton. One more word: Love. Those who know, know they're strong, cushion-y soft and lint-free, and unlike some cheap-ass cotton pads, they will never, ever, scratch your skin. I could go on and on, but I already have here.

Depending on how much makeup I'm wearing, I use one or two Shiseido Facial Cotton ($11 CAd/165 pads and $9.50 USd/165 pads at – that's six cents per) with micellar water to cleanse my whole face, including eyes. If my waterproof eye makeup is stubborn, I'll use a Shiseido facial pad with gentle eye makeup remover first, then do the micellar thing. Afterward, I mist my skin generously with thermal water, and use a Shiseido facial cotton pad to pat off the excess moisture. (If it was a no makeup day, I'll use one end with micellar water to cleanse, and the other end to pat away the excess thermal water afterward.)

shiseido facial cotton 60-pad box

Shiseido Facial Cotton box of 60 pads: put a bow on it.

Believe it or not, I've given Shiseido Facial Cotton as presents for birthdays and Christmas. What better way to get friends and family hooked? Right now in Canada, they're also available in pretty little red boxes of 60 pads ($6 CAd at that are even better for gift-giving.

I have been known to sleep with Shiseido Facial Cotton pads. Make of that what you will.

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Have you tried Shiseido Facial Cotton yet? If no, what's holding you back? If yes, would you give it as a gift? Or would you be pleased to receive it as a gift?

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