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Looks like the good-quality budget makeup range, exclusive to Walmart, will once again be available to us via cross-border shopping excursions.
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Say goodbye to Flower Beauty, Canada. *sad face*

Say goodbye to Flower Beauty, Canada. *sad face*

Hey Canadians, if you're a fan of Drew Barrymore's sweet and affordable makeup line at Walmart you'd better stock up now. Flower Beauty appears to be bowing out of Canada. 

I got suspicious when I noticed lists less than a handful of items and they're all on clearance. A quick Google search turned up US blogger reviews of a new Flower EE Cream that launched much earlier this year, but it's not available in Canada. A new Flower fragrance launched just last month in the US, but we've heard nothing about it here.

Drew Barrymore at the Canadian launch of Flower Cosmetics

Drew Barrymore at the Canadian launch of Flower Cosmetics

Admittedly Flower Beauty hasn't cropped up in my posts beyond the initial coming-to-Canada buzz and a Flower nail polish review from our ManiGeek – I don't have a current stash and there isn't a Walmart in my hood to tempt me with new shelf displays of product. But I'm disappointed the line seems to be leaving us, in spite of the brand's recently announced plans for international expansion.

Is Flower Beauty just not popular enough in Canada? Might it have performed better here if it had been distributed via a drugstore chain?

What do you think? Are you a Flower Beauty fan? Have you tried anything from the line? Why do you think it might be leaving Canada?

Drew Barrymore portrait by George Pimentel.