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Kitchen-sink beauty? Supplements? Nutri-ceuticals? Unicorns tears? Magic?
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Alternative skin care: supplement city (not my stash)

Alternative skin care: supplement city (not my stash)

Sometimes I think the Lipstick League knows exactly what I've been meaning to talk to you about for ages but haven't yet. #oops This week's query is this: What alternative products do you use in your skincare regimen? Think supplements, things found in the garden or the fridge...

Although kitchen-sink beauty recipes occasionally catch my attention, like this make-it-yourself moisturizer and this home-made lipgloss, I'm not generally lured by DIY options, even those as simple as open-yogurt-slap-on-face.

I do like supplements, though – a small part of me thinks they'll make up for my wonky sleeping habits. (In reality, they'll have more effect when I sleep better; working on it.) 

I'm a long-time fan of Genuine Health Greens+, and now have come to rely on Greens+ Extra Energy. Dosed with natural caffeine, it also contains a full serving of Greens+ nutrition that I know contributes to happier skin.

I'm also into Glisodin skin supplements; I have more to tell you about that stuff, so stay tuned.

As well, I've been trying a skin-supplement brand called Age Quencher, and on deck is an Icelandic brand that promises to feed skin from the inside and out.

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Here's what the Lipstick League is talking about right now

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EauMG is Currently Craving: MILK Holographic Stick. This HUGE moisturizing shimmer stick is perfect for those of us that want to look like a really cute alien or miss being a 90’s club kid.

So. Home remedies? Supplements? Unicorn tears? Do you use alternative stuff in your regimen?