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#ThrowbackThursday is for #WanderingTheArchives

It's a good day for it to be Thursday because that means I get to play #WanderingTheArchives

OPI Ecuadorable Coral South America Collection 2002 Black Label OPI

OPI Ecuadorable Coral - South America Collection 2002

What did I come out with this time? OPI Ecuadorable Coral from the South America collection 2002.

OPI Ecuadorable Coral_OPI South America Collection 2002 BLOPI

OPI Ecuadorable Coral - South America Collection 2002

That makes this a 14-year old BLOPI sweetheart who goes on in 3 fast-drying coats, is zero-free, has a skinny brush, stinks to high heaven, and has a shimmery sheen that makes a big smile.

OPI Ecuadorable Coral 2002_OPI South America Collection 2002

OPI Ecuadorable Coral - South America Collection 2002

I wanted to share the shade with you but I don't want you to fall in love with it because it's not so easy to find. There is a bottle on eBay but it's at a stupid $47.50USD which, in my estimation, is about $37.50 too much. My favourite doesn't have it either but they do have a handful of other shades from the OPI South America collection if you're interested! What I do want is for you to dig around in your stash and use some of the beauties you've forgotten about!

Oh! While we're here on #TBT, I wanted to give a big shoutout to those of you who have shared some your BLOPIs (black label OPIs) and other assorted oldies with me on The Instagram!

It's been so awesome to see what you have hiding in your Archives - I'm fairly greeeeeen with envy. The hastaggery and @Manigeek tags have given me dangerous #GrabbyHands.

Keep 'em comin', friends! I love to see all these old bottles getting loved! If you know Insta users who are also posting oldies, please leave their names for me in the comment section here so I can go have a peek!

Non-Instagram Manicure & Photos Karen Falcon (she's only had one Oreo McFlurry this week!)