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Hahahhahahahaa!! No. Yep, I said that. Here's why.
OPI Tru Neons 2016 Summer_OPI No Faux Yellow Neon 2016

OPI No Faux Yellow - OPI Neons 2016

Greetings fellow polish nerdies! Today a super-fun collection: OPI Neons 2016 (aka the OPI Tru Neons 2016 Collection). Shall we have a look-see?

opi neons 2016 collection swatches & review

OPI No Faux Yellow_OPI Neons 2016 Summer Swatches Review

OPI No Faux Yellow – OPI Neons 2016

OPI No Faux Yellow (above). She’s a beautifully bright yellow that’s not actually highlighter yellow, but more of a lemon. That’s her (with no top coat) in two coats over two coats of a white base. What white base did I use for this shade?

OPI Put A Coat On Neon Natural White Base Coat vs Essence Wild White Ways

OPI Put a Coat On! vs Essence Wild White Ways 

Essence Wild White Ways (above). The one on the Right. Why? Well look at the brush, man! It’s a single, even, thin, quick-drying swipe for pretty decent coverage and then another fast single swipe for full opacity. 

You could use the OPI Put a Coat On!, but if you ask me, it should really be called OPI Use Many Strokes And Put Two Coats On.

OPI No Doubt About It_OPI Tru Neons Summer 2016 Swatches Review

OPI No Doubt About It (no top coat) – OPI Neons 2016

Movin’ on! Let’s look at OPI No Doubt About It (above). You’ll notice she’s got a matte finish; all these Tru Neon 2016 shades are matte. They’re also multiple coats to achieve neon-ness (this is two coats of colour over two coats of white base). 

The formulas are like watercolour paints – thin and watery. It’s a struggle for me to get even coverage. Streaks and more streaks. Grrr.

OPI No Doubt About It_OPI Neons Summer 2016 Swatches Review

OPI No Doubt About It – OPI Tru Neons 2016

OPI No Doubt About It (above). There she is again with top coat. Better, right? And the colour might be a tiny bit off just because cameras don’t like to shoot neon. It’s close though! 

Oh! Know what else? I changed my base coat for this one! Here – let me show you what I switched to…

Red Carpet Manicure White Hot_Best Neon Undies 2016

Red Carpet Manicure 'White Hot' Soak Off Gel Polish

Red Carpet Manicure White Hot (above). Yes. Soak off gel. In white. Why? So I don’t have to keep laying down two coats of stupid white before doing three coats of stupid neon colour only to jack it up and have to take it all off again to re-do it. 

It did take me 20 minutes to do the white soak-off manicure, but now that it’s there, I can use it as my permanent neon undies for this whole collection! Yay!

OPI Pants on Fire_OPI Neons 2016 Swatches Review

OPI Pants on Fire! - OPI Neons 2016

OPI Pants on Fire! (above). That’s three coats of highlighter orange over my soak off gel + top coat. If you were doing it with a white base, you’re talking about a total of SIX coats of polish. Man, the things I do for you, huh?

OPI Precisely Pinkish_OPI Tru Neons 2016 Swatches Review

OPI Precisely Pinkish – OPI Tru Neons 2016

OPI Precisely Pinkish (above). I have to say that if you’re as OCD as I am, this entire collection is going to make you crazy. While it is possible to get the stuff on and have it look great, it’s an awful lot of effort just because not a single one of these can be used without 100% opaque white underpants. Streaky underpants will result in streaky colour, and streaky colour application will also result in streaky colour. #Frustrating.

OPI Green Come True_OPI Tru Neons 2016 Swatches Review

OPI Green Come True – OPI Neons 2016

OPI Green Come True (above). Yeah, that’s not neon. What it is, is bright leaf green and a three-coats-of-colour pain in the ass. 

I think there must be some new FDA rules or something that has banned the use of the neon pigments we’ve seen from brands like China Glaze and Orly. Those pigments are great! Those formulas are great! They don’t need undies and they’re opaque in two coats. 

These are just plain infuriating.

OPI Correctamundo_OPI Tru Neons 2016 Collection Swatches Review

OPI Correctamundo - OPI Neons 2016

OPI Correctamundo (above). Again, a total pain in the ass. That’s four coats and it’s not neon. The definition of neon is “very bright or fluorescent.” Fail, OPI. Big fail.

So that’s it and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am it’s over. I’ve never despised a collection as much as I despised this one. OPI sure ain’t gonna be thrilled with this review, huh? But here’s the thing: if by some new rules and regulations you have to make a neon that requires me to do a total of six coats to complete (two base + three colour + top) then don’t make a freakin’ neon. Duh.

OPI Neon Collection 2016_OPI Tru Neons 2016 Swatches Revies - Version 2

OPI Neons 2016 - aka OPI Tru Neon Collection 2016

July 1, 2016 is the official launch date for this OPI Tru Neon 2016 Summer collection and it’s available in full-size bottles along with a couple of mini packs. You’ll be able to get it at, your regular licensed OPI retailers, and has 'em too. For best results always buy from a professional salon licensed retailer.

Manicures & Photographs Karen Falcon (It's possible the lack of sticky of her soak off gel base meant she had to do an extra colour coat – she's not sure).