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In this latest series of confidence-encouraging videos, Dove showcases runway model Rain, whose accidental career flips the bird at conventional beauty
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model Rain Dove #mybeautymysay

Model Rain Dove

Challenging conventions is never easy, societal or industry or otherwise. In their latest series of real-beauty clips – #MyBeautyMySay – Dove spotlights 26-year-old model Rain Dove, who, after losing a bet, went to a casting call and was hired as a guy.

Rain is not the first model to flip roles on the runway, but she is another refreshing voice in the chorus reminding us that no-one should define our own sense of our own beauty.

I have always been conflicted over the Dove brand's Real Beauty campaign because despite its message, its bottom line is to sell products and make money in an industry that focusses on "beauty." That said, why shouldn't profit be its end game? Everyone has to make a living!

Within my own sphere of this industry, I define beauty this way: comfortable, happy skin, hair that looks healthy and does what you want, and stuff that makes you feel good about yourself, whether it's a toner that makes your skin smoother as it keeps acne away, eye liner that doesn't budge, or a fancy lipstick that's fun to pull from your purse.

According to the #MyBeautyMySay press release from Dove (the brand), "8 in 10 Canadian women agree they would rather look their personal best than follow what others think is beautiful. 

"However, Canadian women’s confidence in their own beauty is declining; a study conducted in 2010 shared that 52% of women said they are confident in their own beauty versus 47% in 2015."

I don't know that we are actually less confident in our beauty than we were – sometimes it depends on the day you ask us, or the time of day. I do know I struggle constantly with self-esteem like many of us, though. Is there a way to change that? #workinprogress

Here's the teaser for the rest of the nine women Dove (the brand) has included in this #MyBeautyMySay series, which includes a 66-year-old psychologist from Montreal, a 33-year-old lawyer also from Montreal, and a 32-year-old blogger from Toronto.

How do you define beauty? What makes you feel your confident best?