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Gah! So many nail photos and so little time! Wait – TIMESAVER!

Hello fellow polish fiends! I have a massive polish post on the horizon that I have to break down into parts for you so, before I do that, I think we should talk Pinterest! Specifically, my Pinterest account, and how it can save you time (and maybe $$).

How to use Pinterest_5

I know the whole Pinterest pinning thing is new for some; oftentimes I still feel like a fish out of water when I go searching the interwebs for whatever information I need for whatever reason. 

When it comes to nail polish, one of my reference tools is my own Pinterest account, a giant resource for swatches, dupes, brand collections and shade releases. Everything I’ve covered for Beautygeeks ultimately winds up there, with newest photos first. It's a ManiGeek picto-pedia of nail polish!

So what's the easiest way for you to use the ManiGeek @ Beautygeeks Pinterest boards? By following selectively. 

If you’re the kind of person that likes to see everything, just follow the first board (and only that one): Nail Polish–My Digits In Yer Face. That’s my catch-all board; everything I cover here at Beautygeeks shows up on there. 

All the other boards are the same pics from the first board, but alphabetically organized by brand for ease of perusal. You can follow whatever strikes your fancy, or pop in from time to time to check on something specific, from that mystery OPI shade you found at a local retailer to dupes for that fantastic shade you think you might already have seven times.

Then there’s my favourite super-special Comparison Swatch Board (above). I like that one a lot. It's listed second because I use it so much myself that it's nice to have it handy.

For the big 80-shade swatchfest coming soon, just so that none of you go blind or end up with weary fingers from scrolling for days, I'm breaking it into four posts of about 20 swatches each. Once they're all up on Beautygeeks, instead of hopping from post to post and to see the entire collection, you'll be able to go right into my Pinterest instead. I know those ginormous posts can be tedious to scroll through, so I hope ya'll find this solution handy!

Do you have Pinterest nail boards yourself? How do you organize them? How often do you look them up for information? Do you use Pinterest at a resource?

Chat soon,