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Aww man, we jumped the gun! We didn't realize there was an embargo on the information we'd posted here :-(
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OPI Kerry Washington Collection 2016_OPI Washington DC Fall Winter 2016

OPI Kerry Washington - OPI Washington DC F/W 2016 Shade Chart

We're so sorry, friends – frankly, we goofed. After we'd posted some new information about the upcoming OPI Kerry Washington Fall/Winter 2016 collection, we were told those details and the images were all under an embargo that doesn't lift until August.

OPI Kerry Washington Collection FW 2016

Kerry Washington for OPI (image via

Embargoes drive us nuts, but we understand why they exist. Sometimes the brand promises a publication or media outlet an exclusive, and it sucks if something screws that up. Sometimes it's because the brand has planned a huge campaign that depends on the embargo to work – in that case, a broken embargo can cost thousands and thousands when the brand has to scuttle their plans and rebuild a strategy. So when we know up front there's an embargo, we hold and wait with you until we're allowed to release. Or until someone else busts it wide open.

We didn't deliberately break an embargo this time; we are in the embarrassing position of having accidentally done so. Thus we've removed the information until the restriction is lifted.

We will, however, keep some images we found on Instagram:

Come August we'll have the full ManiGeek OPI Kerry Washington treatment of swatches, dupes and review available for your pleasure. In the meantime, we'll keep you entertained with lots more stuff launching before then!