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How to get household and beauty samples to try-before-you-buy sent to your door without spending a cent.
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SampleSource USA freebies Spring 2016

Beauty samples on offer in the next round of SampleSource USA

Lovelies! You might have seen a recent post about household and beauty samples from a company called SampleSource – via free-sign up and a short questionnaire, twice a year they send box of samples you choose straight to your home. Well, our little information birdie tells us that the upcoming USA session will offer up to 14 freebie options, including Garnier Fructis and Avalon Organics. Here's how – and when – to get hooked up.

1) Register here at – do it straight away to streamline the process once the samples go live. If you're already registered, you can move to the next step.

2) On Tuesday April 26th at 9am EST, sign in at and complete a short questionnaire. Your responses will immediately bring up a personalized list of samples which could number up to 14 this time; you select which ones you'd like to receive. Follow all the prompts until the site tells you you're done.

That's it! Now you can keep tabs on SampleSource via Instagram and Twitter

But know this: samples run out quickly and at different rates depending on what they are. The most recent Canadian offer included a sample of the Burt's Bees cleansing oil; I signed in too late to choose one – a related question didn't even appear in my survey. *moue*

Are you already a SampleSource member? If not, you thinking about it?