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How a fragrance gives a girl ideas that lead to dewy skin, flushed cheeks and the rosy glow that follows... let's call it physical exertion. Or Outlander.
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makeup inspired by Calvin Klein Euphoria

Makeup inspired by Calvin Klein Euphoria: the fragrance gives a girl ideas

When The Globe & Mail asked me to contribute to a makeup-focussed sponsored piece built around Calvin Klein Euphoria, I had to take a beat to think on it. Euphoria is a sensual, romantic fragrance, alluring and dreamy with plush notes of black orchid, pomegranate and amber. It's lovely and feminine – you've seen gorgeous Natalia Vodianova in the lush ad campaigns

I wear men's fragrance. I usually do my makeup in the back of an Uber. I wear drape-tastic black or grey with leggings and boots or wedge sneakers. I don't spend any time swanning around in sexy dresses and flirty lashes. 

But here's the thing about perfume: it gives a girl ideas. Euphoria reminds me that a soft white tee and jeans (or leggings) can be sexy too, and I can't be the only woman who hasn't given swishy dresses and come-hither shoes much thought in a while. And in terms of makeup – no real thought required, really. Euphoria easily inspires the kind of dewy skin, flushed cheeks and rosy glow any of us can acquire via a hot date night, a brisk walk, or "Episode 7: The Wedding" in the first season of Outlander.

To see the Globe Style Scentsationalists makeup piece now, download the Globe Style app and hit the Spring 2016 issue that features Canadian designer Tanya Taylor on the cover. If you're looking for a hard copy, Style Advisor dropped on Friday April 15th; it'll also appear in the Style Section of The Globe & Mail newspaper on May 7th. (The style app is free, btw.)

the makeup inspired by calvin klein euphoria

Makeup inspired by Calvin Klein Euphoria

Makeup inspired by Calvin Klein Euphoria (via iPhone 5S): I'm thinking about the fragrance's ad campaign... and Outlander, too.

for dewy skin

flushed lids

flushed cheeks

flushed lips

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Calvin Klein Euphoria

Calvin Klein Euphoria

Do you wear Calvin Klein Euphoria? Does your fragrance choice influence your makeup decisions? How often do you manage a hot date night? And most importantly, have you seen Episode 7: The Wedding from season one of Outlander??

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