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A new vendor home, new makeup system, great colour-correcting advice and the award-winning Custom Cover Drops finally on store shelves in Canada... it's jumpy-claps for this Canadian brand.
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cover fx click stick components

New Cover FX Click Stick makeup system

When Canadian brand Cover FX hit a success sweet-spot with Custom Cover Drops, a game-changing liquid pigment that boosts the colour coverage of anything from oil to moisturizer to sunscreen, the one sour note was that the product was not on a single shop shelf in Canada. A large retailer carried a small selection of the full-coverage foundations that put Cover FX on the industry map, but Custom Cover Drops was accessible to Canadians via only the brand website and Sephora online. Even after the formula won Allure Best Of Beauty 2015 status, that retailer passed on it. But things have changed.

cover fx custom cover drops now on Canadian store shelves

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops is finally on Canadian store shelves.

Cover FX and all 40 of its complexion shades has now officially moved in at Sephora Canada. That means you can now find your shade-match in person, and get hands on a Custom Cover Drops tester to examine as you consider the possibilities (it can be mixed with oil, primer, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, even your existing BB or foundation, no matter the brand or texture). And while you're there, check out the new Cover FX Click Stick system that launched this month.

cover fx click stick makeup system

mark. hookups by Avon

mark. hookups by Avon

If you're familiar with the mark. hookups that came out a few years back, the Cover FX Click Stick will seem similar. Two makeup products become a handy duo via a central connecting component. 

new cover fx click stick system

Cover FX Click Stick makeup system: includes foundation, correctors and illuminators

Here's how the Cover FX Click Stick makeup system works: mini-stick versions of foundation, cream enhancer or corrector are called "Clicks" (they contain precisely half the amount of the full-sized products). Choose two Clicks, remove the caps, and slot the uncapped ends into either end of the hollow "Click Stick" tube. Once your Click Stick is loaded, pushing up on the base of one Click pops the other up on the opposite end so you can remove it to use it. Like this:

The range of Clicks includes 24 stick versions of Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation ($24 CAd each at and $18 USd each at; six stick colour correctors ($24 CAd each at and $18 USd each at; and six stick enhancers ($24 CAd each at and $18 USd each at The Cover FX Customizable Click Stick ($10 CAd at and $8 USd at is sold separately.

cover fx colour correctors and dark circles

Colour correctors are also new for Cover FX. Part of this Click Stick range, they're called Correct Click and come in Lavender, Green, Yellow, Peach, Orange and, for deep skin tones, Brick. 

We covered what-colour-corrects-what in this recent post, but let's now focus on something many of us will deal with at some point in our lives (weekly or daily – ugh): blue-toned dark circles. For advice, we tapped Cover FX makeup pro and retail director Derek Selby. A makeup industry veteran (although you can't tell by looking; his skin is uh-mazing), he's a regular expert on Cityline, and look, here he is for Beautygeeks!

Cover FX colour correctors_Correct Stick

Cover FX colour correctors: Correct Stick in Lavender, Yellow, Green, Peach, Brick and Orange

"Peach, orange and brick all do the same thing: correct dark circles under the eyes and hyper-pigmentation," explains Derek. "Peach will neutralize blue tones for anyone who wears a Cover FX foundation shade 0 to 40, our light range. As you start to get into more medium skintones, peach will start to look ashy. Medium to medium-deep complexions need more pigment – that's Orange. Deep complexions will need Brick."

With the new Click Stick system, customizing your own sleek corrector duo is a snap – a click? – of course. If you need only one corrector, you can turn it into a Click Stick duo with, say, an Enhance Click cream illuminator instead. Derek's tip: "The Berry enhancer is a beautiful highlight on deep skintones, but also looks great as a blush on lighter complexions."

Like I said earlier, all this stuff is at your neighbourhood Sephora and Sephora Canada store, so you can walk right in and play. (If you're ordering online from, remember that free shipping starts when you hit $50 in your basket!) Also worth reiterating: Cover FX has 40 shades of Total Coverage Cream Foundation, 40 shades of Natural Finish Oil-Free Foundation, and 40 shades of Pressed Mineral Foundation. The Cover Click comes in 24 shades for now.

Cover FX Click Stick makeup system: Cover Stick foundation

Cover FX Click Stick makeup system: Cover Stick foundation

Who's already tried the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops? (I just got a bottle.) What do you think of the Click Stick concept?

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