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I used to be all about massive cocktail rings; I've downsized. I blame nail polish.
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best rings for your manicure and other things I covet

Midi rings: the best rings for your manicure. UPDATE: 25% off at Shopbop until April 7th!

Frankly, I blame Tips Nail Bar. And maybe Instagram. Because I have this little ring problem.

Used to be I had a big ring problem. I was all about massive cocktail rings – they're so good at making an outfit more interesting. (I'm pretty basic with my fashion. If it's black or grey or drapey or all three, I'm in it.)

a grown-up glitter manicure or new pavé mani

Pavé manicure (the grown-up glitter mani) by Leeanne Colley, Tips Nail Bar; midi-ring, Joe Fresh.

But the midi-ring craze finally got me good when I picked up this sweet little pavé-esque thing from Joe Fresh last year. So pretty! And perfect with this glitter mani I like to call pavé, too. Midi rings are a genius complement to a fresh manicure, am I right? Plus they come in sets of various sizes, which makes it easy to change things up.

So now I'm obsessed with little rings, midi, stackable and delicate. And I want to drag as many of you into my addiction as possible. Here's what I'm coveting now – including one sort-of-cocktail ring, because I still have a bit of a big ring problem:

Does any of you share my ring weakness? Big rings or little?

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The above images are shoppity shop-shop links in case anything catches your fancy. Several are on sale right now.