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Geeking out about sneaker-inspired kicks and some pretty sweet soles.
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Aldo giveaway_Spring 2016 editorial

Aldo Summer 2016: Harmony shoes in medium green ($60 CAd at and $60 USd at

This post is a bit different for us, but it has beauty-related origins. It started backstage at Toronto Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago: Essie's Rita Remark was wearing snappy pair of patent brogues from Aldo Shoes. Not your traditional brogues, she'd chosen them specifically to keep her feet happy during a long, long day of standing around backstage directing her team and giving interview after interview, plus the occasional how-to video.

Aldo Taborri lace-up patent brogues with a flatform rubber sole, worn by Essie's Rita Remark at TFW.

Aldo Taborri lace-up patent brogues with a flatform rubber sole, worn by Essie's Rita Remark at TFW.

See? These. I want them very badly because I am all about the comfortable shoe right now. I especially like that these Aldo Taborri flatform shoes are a hybrid of brogue + sneaker, a nice twist on the athletic-shoe-wear trend. Like many of us, I'm very happy that sneakers have become so wear-with-everything over the last few years (read this ode to Vans by my Fashion Magazine beauty-director friend Lesa Hannah). And it's not just about comfort: the snug, lace-up format + bounce from a rubber sole all help to keep an unfortunate case of plantar fasciitis under control. Oh wait – that is about comfort. *shrug*

Naturally, after lusting after Rita's shoes, I spent some time later that night on the Aldo website, oggling all the athletic-wear-inspired styles:

Aldo TABORRI flatform patent brogues ($70 CAd and $70 USd at – they also come in gold.

Aldo TABORRI flatform patent brogues ($70 CAd and $70 USd at – they also come in gold.

Rita's Taborri shoes. Still crushing on them. UPDATE: have 'em! (Thank you, Aldo!) Sole not bouncy after all, but the shoes are super light, and pretty comfy. I've popped in a cushion-y insole because that's how I roll.

Aldo KERROBERT Oxford leather flatform with rubber sole ($85 at -- also in grey with an acid-yellow and white sole.

Aldo KERROBERT Oxford leather flatform with rubber sole ($85 at -- also in grey with an acid-yellow and white sole.

Love this Kerrobert oxford. I'd wear the style with cropped leggings because I only ever wear leggings anyway, but it would look great with a skirt the way Rita's Taborri shoes do. I also love the grey version, with its white sole and acid-yellow accent. Amazing with denim, and also skirts.

aldo gift card giveaway_Aldo GATER oxford

Aldo GATER Oxford with vented vamp and cork flatform sole ($90 at also in a buff shade

The Gater oxford isn't so much me, but I still really like it. If you were wearing a pair, I'd tell you I love your shoes and I'd mean it.

aldo gift card giveaway_Aldo CASONI oxford

Aldo CASSONI Oxford with cut-out and rubber sole ($80 at – also in gold

The Aldo Cassoni oxford is another I don't think I'd wear, but I'd gush with honesty if I saw it on someone else. I love that cutouts.

Aldo NAYWEN slip-on perforated-leather sneaker with rubber sole ($80 at – also in a nude

Aldo NAYWEN slip-on perforated-leather sneaker with rubber sole ($80 at – also in a nude

Could this Aldo Naywen slip-on look more comfortable? The upper is leather, by the way. I have a suede pair in a near-identical shape and style (no perforation) from Roots that I'll have to get out for Spring.

aldo gift card giveaway_Aldo BLOSS wedge sneaker

Aldo BLOSS wedge sneaker ($90 at

I nearly bought this Aldo BLOSS wedge suede sneaker. I love a wedge, and in black – with black leggings these would make my legs look nice and long. 

I already have a pair of wedge sneakers much like this that I bought from Browns because I needed plantar-faciitis-friendly shoes fast and happened to be close to one of their stores. I liked them especially because they have a zipper up the back so I don't have to deal with laces... except the zippers now drive me bonkers because they unzip as I walk. #grrrrrr The un-zipping started a few weeks after I'd already been wearing the shoes pretty much daily; I'm still debating taking them to be fixed. I might not because...

Aldo gift card giveaway_Bertilla wedge sneaker in black

Aldo BERTILLA wedge sneaker (on sale $40 at – only the "Bone" shade left on the US site.

...I just bought the Aldo Bertilla wedge sneakers! Black + wedge + sale – I need them! And because I'm me, the BLOSS shoe in the photo before this one is still on my radar. UPDATE: not as bouncy as sneakers, but I still like. Inserted super-cushion-y insoles, as I do.

Naturally, I had to look at non-athletic as well as more summery styles that have just hit and stores as well. (Rita, I'm totally blaming you for the time I spent on the site, and I'm holding you responsible for anything else I may have purchased!)

Aldo gift-card giveaway_Misha Nonoo SHANTELL stacked heel sandal

Aldo Rise Misha Nonoo SHANTELL leather stacked-heel sandal in Bone ($160 at – also in red.

I covet this Aldo Rise Misha Nonoo Shantell leather stacked-heel sandal. A collaboration between Aldo and fashion label Misha Nonoo, this shoe makes me want to swap my usual leggings for dresses and skirts. I can wear this with leggings, though. Or jeans, of course. That's a four-inch heel, by the way...

Aldo gift card giveaway_Misha Nonoo ELORA stacked heel slide

Aldo Rise Misha Nonoo ELORA stacked heel slide ($150 at – also in denim.

And the Aldo Rise Misha Nonoo Elora stacked-heel slide tempts me too. Oh dear.

aldo gift card giveaway_Aldo HARMONY

Aldo HARMONY ankle-wrap laser-cut d'Orsay flat ($60 at in peach – also in green and black

I'm so drawn to this pretty Aldo Harmony flat! Part of the "Inspired by Florals" collection, it calls to me with that cheery peach colour, and the delicate laser-cut vamp. The green pair the model in the opening photo wears is lovely too. I don't do ankle or leg-lacings though, so this style isn't for me. But it's another shoe I'd genuinely gush over on someone else.

aldo gift card giveaway_Aldo ALIZE sandal

Aldo ALIZE leather flats ($80 at – also in a buff shade called Cognac

I just love how the Aldo Alize leather flats look with crisp black and white on the model in this Aldo image.

Aldo gift card giveaway_LILLYWHITE flat sandal

Aldo LILLYWHITE laser cut flat sandal ($55 at – also in light brown and peach

Again, it's the vibrant shade and the laser-cut detail of this Aldo Lillywhite flat sandal that attracts me. I don't have much luck with straps like the one in the front, though, so I'll just admire these on you. (They'd be super cute on my niece, Erin.)

Aldo gift-card giveaway_PORTANOVA flat

Aldo PORTANOVA mesh-and-metal cut-out flat ($65 at – also in black

I'd wear this Aldo Portanova mesh-and-metal cut-out flat shoe. Comes in black as well, but I do wish it were available in that bright green. Or peach. Still, I like this Bone colour for warmer weather.

There are number of sweet high heels I love at Aldo too, but it's better that I just let you go look, or I won't get any other work done today. Besides, you must want to know about our Aldo gift-card giveaway!

aldo gift-card giveaway (now closed)

UPDATE: the giveaway portion of this post has passed its best-before date. xo

Lovelies, we've secured two $100 Aldo gift cards as prizes, one for a lucky Canadian reader, and one for a lucky US reader, too! (I so love that I can include our US-based friends!) As usual, you need to have hit your 18th birthday or better, and you need to enter here:

Enter as many times as you like until Friday April 8th (probably 11:59pm). Our winners will be contacted via email for their shipping info shortly thereafter. Good luck, lovelies!! And thanks, Aldo!