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Launching September 2016, this 25-piece range celebrates 50 years of the sci-fi classic and its powerful female characters.
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MAC Star Trek Collection 2016

MAC Star Trek Collection

Obviously you don't have to consider yourself a Trekkie to be into the next big MAC collaboration, a partnership with the Star Trek folks in honour of 50 years of the franchise. But now nice to have MAC's help to feed that little geeky part of your soul, and with a 25-piece range that includes lipstick, Lipglass, pressed-pigment eyeshadow and Studio Nail Lacquer! Now don't take offense at the "geeky" bit: I regularly watched the original Star Trek, Next Generation (mostly this one), Deep Space Nine and, for a time, Voyager, and I'm a huge fan of the movies. I still want my own personal Holodeck.

MAC Star Trek collection: the women of Star Trek

MAC Star Trek collection: Uhura, Vina Orion Girl, Seven of Nine and Commander Deanna Troi

The MAC Star Trek collection spins on four strong female characters from Star Trek world: Uhura, Vina Orion Girl, Seven of Nine and Commander Deanna Troi. Okay, this is where I realize I'm sort of a Trekkie-light. I know from Uhura, of course. And obviously Commander Deanna Troi, and Seven of Nine, too. But Vina Orion Girl seems to have slipped past me. Must google her later.

UPDATE: Turns out Vina Orion Girl appeared on the original series before I started to watch, or before I was old enough to remember each episode. Check the comments below for Kitty Kerosene's excellent explanation of the character and controversy surrounding her. (Click here to read about her makeup – apparently nobody told the film-processing folks that she was supposed to be green, so they hand-corrected her colour back to normal and caused a kerfuffle when the footage went back!)

UPDATE 2: And thanks to KellyMelly in the comments below for pointing out that a nod to Vina appears in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot: actress Rachel Nichols plays Uhura's green roomie in a memorable scene with Chris Pine's not-yet-Captain Kirk.

MAC Star Trek collection: Uhura

MAC Star Trek collection inspiration: Uhura (Nichelle Nicholls)

MAC Star Trek collection: Vina Orion Girl

MAC Star Trek collection inspiration: Vina Orion Girl (Susan Oliver)

MAC Star Trek Collection: Seven of Nine

MAC Star Trek collection inspiration: Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan)

MAC Star Trek collection_Deanna Troi

MAC Star Trek collection: Commander Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis)

Gossip-y fact: Rumour had it that Seven of Nine actress Jeri Ryan experienced constant conflict with co-star Kate Mulgrew on the set of Star Trek: Voyager. Turns out it was true; click on the above hotlink for details.

Are any of you bonafide Trekkies? (Can we still use that term?) Or just Star Trek fans in general? What do you think?