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Essie's Global Educator Rita Remark and her crew nailed three handsome men backstage at Toronto Fashion Week, and gave them a creative hand job.
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male models wear Essie split screen manicure at Toronto Fashion Week

Male models wore an Essie split-screen manicure for the WRKDEPT F/W 2016 runway show at Toronto Fashion Week.

The puns were flying backstage at Toronto Fashion Week last night. Unisex fashion label WRKDEPT decided the male models in their show should sport the same sharp, colourful manicure as the females. As a result we heard several plays on words from MAN-icure to... well, you can imagine (we know you can).

male models wear essie at toronto fashion week

Essie artist Judy Lim gives Chad (Sutherland Models) a... MANicure while Redken artists create the hair look for the WRKDEPT Fall/Winter 2016 runway show at Toronto Fashion Week.

"WRKDEPT asked to include all their logo colours in the manicure," explains lead nail artist and Essie Global Educator Rita Remark. "I thought about doing a different colour on each nail, but it's not really a cohesive look. Then I thought about doing a split-screen effect with one shade common to every nail to anchor the manicure. Then it all came together."

essie split-screen multi-colour manicure shades

Essie Mojito Madness, Watermelon, and Sand Tropez with Pret-a-Surfer, Pool Side Service, Sunday Funday and Mink Muffs

The WRKDEPT manicure is a simple, graphic combination of core Essie shades, starting with Essie Sand Tropez as the base on every nail. The Essie team applied a second coat of Sand Tropez to half of each nail; the other half was painted in two coats of one of the following: Pool Side Service, Pret-a-Surfer, Mink Muffs, Watermelon, Sunday Funday, and Mojito Madness.

essie split-screen mani for male models

Confession: We asked Kyle (Sutherland Models) to pose as if blowing his manicure dry.

The men were for the most part unfazed with their manicures. Okay, they did splay their fingers while waiting for the polish to dry, and when asked whether their painted nails felt any heavier than before, Kyle laughed and answered, "yeah, kinda."

male model wears split screen Essie manicure

A male model in a WRKDEPT coat wears a colourful Essie split-screen manicure at Toronto Fashion Week. (Image courtesy of Essie Canada)

Find these Essie shades at or via the and links below.

What do you think of the manicure? Would you and your guy wear it? Okay, maybe just you?