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You've seen our sparkling rainbow ombré mani tutorial with Essie's Rita Remark, right? Now enter to win the colourful shades she used!
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Essie Silk Watercolor Rainbow Ombre manicure

Essie Silk Watercolor rainbow ombre mani; image courtesy of Essie Canada

When they first launched, the Essie Silk Watercolor shades puzzled some nail-polish junkies. Pretty, sure, but wha?? Heck, we were a bit befuddled ourselves. And then we saw what Essie Lead Global Educator Rita Remark did with six Silk Watercolor shades and a bottle of Essie Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo...

Essie Silk Watercolor mini set_Swept Away

Essie Silk Watercolor: Swept Away

Isn't it funny how inspiration strikes? I bet Rita's watercolor rainbow ombré mani would look amazing over a white base. But that chrome + glitter Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo gave the mani a little extra eye-catching dimension, and an added dose of fun.

essie silk watercolor mini set_Abstract Floral

Essie Silk Watercolor: Abstract Floral

Interestingly, the Essie Silk Watercolor shades now come packaged in two distinct mini-bottle sets, one called Swept Away and one called Abstract Floral. Swept Away consists of White Page, Love Sheen and No Shrinking Violet and Muse, Myself; Abstract Floral has White Page, Highest Bidder, Point of Blue, and Pen & Inky.

essie silk watercolor minis sets

Essie Silk Watercolor mini-bottle nail polish sets

We don't have Essie Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo for you, but we do have both Essie Silk Watercolor sets to give away to one lovely beautygeek. That could be you if you live in Canada and have celebrated your 18th birthday! Enter below as many times as you'd like until March 19th. Good luck, friends! xoxo