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Now available in Canada, they were even more fun when I was calling them pots.
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Vaseline Lip Therapy tins Canada

Vaseline Lip Therapy tins are now available in Canada!

These pretty Vaseline Lip Therapy tins were a touch more entertaining when I thought of them as pots. I don't know why "pots" came to mind instead of the word "tins," but my brain started making silly pot-head + drugstore associations. And no, I'm not under the influence, I promise. Wait – the news is to blame. Because where there's cannabis smoke, there may soon be Canadian drugstores. 

No joke – Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs have both expressed serious interest in dispensing medical marijuana if the Liberals rejig Canadian pot laws as they inferred they might during last year's election campaign. That's encouraging news for recreational users, I bet, because if neighbourhood drugstores get the green light on medical weed, legal access for of-age regular folk could happen too. That's the impression I got from the news broadcast I saw before I palmed one of these Vaseline Lip Therapy cuties – pots, said my easily influenced noodle – from my desk this morning.

But they're tins. Adorable tins. They're not new to the world, but they're new to Canada. And one of these Vaseline Lip Therapy tins ($3.49 CAd at drugstores/mass retailers and $3.32 USd at is the Rosy Lips version, which I've been meaning to acquire for some time. As for the others, I'll absolutely get into the Original and the Aloe (because unlike our Liza Herz, I like a cucumber scent... yeah, it smells like sweet cucumber). But Cocoa Butter smells like vanilla and sugar – *blech.*

Nivea Lip Butter Tins Canada

Nivea Lip Butter tins: also cute.

And you know, now I feel a bit bad that I haven't ever written about the Nivea Lip Butter tins ($2.82 CAd at drugstores/mass retailers and $2.99 USd at They're super-cute too. Maybe if the drugstore/pot-dispensary issue had come up back then... except the first Nivea Lip butter I saw was that Caramel Cream, or maybe Vanilla Macadamia Kiss – yuck to both.

Who's got one or three of these things already? Or is planning to get one or three? And c'mon, isn't this a more interesting post than it would have been if I'd just written about how cute these little Vaseline tins are? *grin*

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