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A true tale of beauty and family drama from Cranky Beauty Pants to enjoy on Ontario's Family Day holiday
Dry Shampoo causes family drama

Dry shampoo and winter: when family doesn't understand your beauty rituals

Now this isn't a story about a supermodel who never gets asked out by anyone but Leo DiCaprio because she's "unapproachable" due to her outstanding good looks. No, this is a story about elderly parents and Christmas. 

You see, I was visiting my elderly parents and my beauty routines are foreign to them. 

One day I used my Dry Bar dry shampoo and mom mimed choking and opened the doors for 10 minutes. 

The next day I did the polite (but not civilized) thing and applied my dry shampoo in the backyard, under the eaves and close to the BBQ. 

It's not optimal to apply dry shampoo sans mirror and in the cheap showiness of nature, but these are the sacrifices I make for my family. 

I returned to the relative comfort of the indoors only to be told by my mother that I might need a walk around the lake to let my hair "air out." I proceeded to my room to brush it through, and as I went past, my dad slammed my parents' bedroom door and blockaded himself inside while encouraging me to open a window. 

These people just don't understand beauty.

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Cranky Beauty Pants has hair that tends toward oily, so she's obsessed with dry shampoo. Out of the many formulas she's tried, she has the most refresh and volume-boost results from dry shampoo that contains rice starch:

Has any of your beauty-rituals ever resulted in censure or puzzlement from family members? Your other half counts...