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A video tutorial with celebrity hairstylist Darrell Redleaf (he's worked with Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow)
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Glamorous, old-Hollywood Veronica Lake waves on Cheryl Willberg; hair by Darrell Redleaf.

Glamorous, old-Hollywood Veronica Lake waves on Cheryl Willberg; hair by Darrell Redleaf.

"I really like hot rollers because they create a very definitive hairstyle reminiscent of old Hollywood," says celebrity hair/makeup artist Darrell Redleaf, referring to the glamorous Veronica Lake waves he created for our little video tutorial. "You see that a lot on red carpets and at awards shows – there's always a nod to old Hollywood."

A veteran of the movie, television and magazine beauty industry, Darrell Redleaf has worked with A-listers such as Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Helen Hunt as well as rising star Bella Thorne. And the Selena Gomez choppy haircut that spawned a glut of online posts all about it? That was Darrell's work, too, for the young star's role in a new movie called The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving, also starring Paul Rudd. 

Helen Hunt and Darrell Redleaf – Helen's been his client for 24 years.

Helen Hunt and Darrell Redleaf – Helen's been his client for 24 years.

Darrell and I actually met about 15 years ago when he was in Toronto to talk up then-new Canadian brand Cargo Cosmetics. So when he was back in town for Flow Haircare and available to shoot some how-to hair tutorials for Beautygeeks, I leaped at the chance. Our first video here, as I mentioned earlier, is that classic, 1940s bombshell cascading-waves style; it looks much more complicated to create than it is.

glamorous old-hollywood waves: tutorial

old-hollywood waves: step by step

Here's the recap of how Darrell styled Cheryl's hair for the video:

  • Spray wet hair with Flow Zero Friction detangler and comb through.
  • Protect hair with Flow Radiant Armor heat protective spray, and blow dry.
  • Emulsify Flow All-Day Tame Smoothing Balm + Flow Boundless Body Plumping Lotion and distribute it throughout hair for built-in structure and movement.
  • Set the hair in hot rollers (see video at 3:35 for where to put them).
  • Remove hot rollers when they've cooled, and run a small amount of the Smoothing Balm over and throughout the hair to minimize flyaways.
  • Brush out the waves with a boar-bristle brush. 
  • Create a deep side part, then sweep the smaller fall of hair behind the ear and back over the shoulder, and bring the waves side forward. Mist lightly with hairspray to set.

words about flow haircare

Flow is a professional haircare brand based in Toronto. Sustainable manufacturing is one of their key platforms; the line is free of parabens, sulfates, sodium chloride and formaldehyde-donor molecules that can, at some point, release formaldehyde. Their concept spins on their purified "Hyaline Water" and an "H5 Architecture" technology via which the brand infuses their formulas with antioxidants, plant extracts, vegetable proteins and other ingredients that boost hair's vitality and manageability. I don't really understand it, actually. But I've tried a couple of the styling products, and as Darrell says, they control wilful hair most excellently without feeling sticky or heavy or locking you into a look. 


Flow InstantIntensity 30-Second Treatment for fast super-conditioning.

The Flow InstantIntensity 30-Second Treatment, a quickie conditioning mask to use in place of hair conditioner once per week, is one of my favourites, despite its candy-sweet fragrance. I'm just about finished my tube. Along with Flow's fancy water and technology, it's loaded with silicones that smooth and soften my frizz-prone hair in a snap (naturally, I often leave it in my hair for longer than a mere half-minute).

Back to the video tutorial. Thoughts? Is this old-Hollywood look something you'd try for a special occasion? Valentine's Day, maybe? Is the look already in your hairstyle repertoire? And has anyone else tried anything Flow yet?

And this: how to transform these Veronica-Lake waves into a tousled updo in less than one minute.