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It's taken years for sheet masks to trend in North America – are you into them?
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Sheet masks by For Beloved One, TheFaceShop and Too Cool for School

I've been a sheet-mask fan for several years, since my introduction to the Olay Pro-X version. That one was my favourite for price, efficacy and accessibility. But North America has been slow to catch on – it took the success of BB creams to spotlight Asian beauty staples we call trends here. This week the Lipstick League is curious about your stance on what's become to us a sheet-mask craze. Have you tried one? If yes, do you prefer them over more familiar masks that come in tubes or jars?

I prefer sheet masks over masks that come in tubes or jars. Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with hydration. Sheet masks form a physical barrier that traps that massive dose of moisture against your skin. I've said this before: it's like they force-feed your skin with liquid. 

However only some sheet masks perform really well for me: I'm convinced the goopier the mask, the better the conditioning results. Lightweight sheet masks soaked in lightweight serum seem to deliver less moisture, perhaps because the wetness seems to evaporate from the mask even while it's on the face. My skin doesn't feel as moisture-sated as it does with a goopy mask such as the Olay Pro-X. Sadly, it's been discontinued. (Interestingly, Olay has a bunch of masks in the UK, Australia and Asia that I hope will soon make their way to Canada and the US. I found some on and I want them all: Olay Aquaction Nourishing Hydration Masks; Olay Total Effects Stretch Masks; and Olay White Radiance Soothing Whitening Stretch Masks.)

The goopy sheet mask I love right now is the Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask that I geeked out about here

I've also discovered that "hydro gel" sheet masks make my dehydrated skin really happy, perhaps because the moisture that soaks them is really trapped against skin, less able to evaporate through the firm gel mask structure than it would through fabric. I like TheFaceShop Green Tea Hydro Gel mask and the For Beloved Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask (similar to a gel; more to come in another post). ToGoSpa has two gel masks I'm keen to try, and I'm geeking out about all the hydro gel masks Sephora now offers. I want them all, every single one. #uhoh #maskgreed

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So what's your take on sheet masks and their new popularity in oxidental markets? You've tried one? Got a fave? And most importantly, do you warm the package between your hands (or under your upper thigh if you're sitting down) before using the sheet mask so you don't get that cold-on-skin shock?

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