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Day-to-night makeup part 2: how to turn that radiance way, way up in seconds
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strobing for night_tutorial video

Strobing for night: Day-to-night makeup part 2

We know strobing is today's word for highlighting brow bones, the tops of cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and the cupid's bow, right? But that's not exactly what Estee Lauder global artist Bobby Wang does when he demonstrates strobing for night in our day-to-night makeup part 2 video, below. His technique seems to drench the skin in radiance and add dimension without turning our model Chelsea into a glittering disco ball. Let's look.

strobing for night

  1. Load up a big fluffy blush or powder brush with creamy highlighter.
  2. Dab liquid concealer (or tinted brightening serum) on the back of your hand, then swirl the loaded brush bristles in it to dilute the creamy highlighter.
  3. Buff your highlighting mix lightly over the apples of cheeks, on the middle of the chin, on the bridge of the nose, and across the forehead (start in the centre and blend out to the hairline).

In this video, Bobby used the following Lauder items:

Have you already incorporated strobing or highlighting techniques in your makeup routine? Is this approach something you'd try?

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