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Day-to-night makeup part 1: a fast, fresh day look you can transform later in a snap
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how concealer can cut your makeup time

Day-to-night makeup part 1: cut your makeup time with these concealers instead of foundation

One of my fave tips in this part 1 of a trio of day-to-night makeup tutorial video: how to cut your makeup time with the right concealers instead of foundation. Estée Lauder global makeup artist Bobby Wang demonstrates below. 

day-to-night makeup pt. 1: day tutorial video

1) You need two shades of full-coverage concealer, one that matches your skintone and one that is about a half shade or shade lighter.

2) Start with the darker of the two concealers to hide any signs of tiredness – aka dark circles. Use a concealer brush to apply a light layer over the darkness, then tap-blend it in with a finger.

3) Use the slightly lighter shade of concealer to brighten up the whole eye area. See the video to see exactly where Bobby applies it, brushing-blending it from the inner corner of the eye, fanning out in a sort of upside-down triangle below the eye to the outer corner, and sweeping up and back toward the temple to create a visual lift.

"If you're in a rush in the morning, you can just do the concealer [like this] – there's no need for foundation," says Bobby. "You'll be surprised at how your face looks more even and flawless." The key is using a maximum-cover concealer. Set with a dusting of pressed powder if you need to.

4) Once your concealing is done, apply blush. Use a fluffy brush and sweep your cheek colour from the top of the apple of your cheek up toward the temple. Without adding more colour, repeat the sweep up and back a couple of times, then, again without adding more colour, sweep from the top of the cheek down – see the video to see how Bobby demonstrates the move.

5) Fill in your brows if necessary. Tip: stroke the pencil on in light vertical strokes at the head of the brow to create a delicate, fuller look.

6) Use a fingertip to press then blend a wash of light shimmery shadow all over the lid. If you're pale, use a white shimmer. If you have a medium or dark skintone, use a champagne shade of shadow.

7) Finish eyes with several coats of black mascara.

8) Last step is lips. For a softer, fresher look, use your ring finger to press the lipstick colour into your lower lip and then into your upper lip.

day to night makeup part 1: day

Day-to-night makeup part 1: DAY

How's that for a simple day look you can build on when evening hits? Makeup pro Bobby Wang used the following Lauder items:

Now tell us: how far off is this from your usual day-face makeup routine? Do you already use full-coverage concealer?

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