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This easy, subtle eyeshadow application enhances hooded eyes, too
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makeup for monolid eyes

Miju models makeup tips for single-lid or monolid eyes – try them for hooded eyes, too.

Oh how I wanted to see makeup advice for eyes like mine when I was a teen. We didn't have YouTube then. And while my eyes aren't like the model-eyes I saw in all the magazines in my early youth, they aren't really like Miju's (above) either. They're a mix of the two, more hooded than single-lid, or monolid, or Asian or whatever the Internet calls them. That said, this tutorial for monolid eyes featuring tips and techniques from Estée Lauder pro Carly Wolk would have been a revelation for my teen self, no question. Hope it's helpful for you too!

makeup tips for single-lid or monolid eyes – and hooded eyes too

  1. Prep your lid with a light layer of long-wear concealer or primer. It'll help stop makeup transfer from your lash lines to your visible lids.
  2. Apply a neutral powder eyeshadow base shade that almost matches your skin tone; pat and sweep it on to just below your brow bone.
  3. Apply a deep or rich shade of long-wear eyeliner as close to the base of the lashes as possible, thickening it toward the outer corner of lids. Don't worry if your line is a little messy; you'll be layering shadow on top of it.
  4. With a smudge eyeshadow brush (short, dense bristles with a rounded edge), wing a medium-dark shade of eyeshadow from the outer corner of the lid, then blend it straight toward the centre of the eye.
  5. For more drama or emphasis, use a darker shade of shadow to extend that wing a little more from the lash line toward the end of your brow, then blend toward the centre again.
  6. If you have hooded eyes, this is a nice subtle option for you as well. You may want to extend that outer stroke of darker shadow a little higher than Carly does here. Blend straight across the way she does with Miju; that technique will help minimize puffy hoods. If you have hooded lids that aren't puffy, try blending with a clean crease brush, following the curve of your socket as you go.

Here's the video tutorial with Carly for single-lid or monolid eyes:

For this application on Miju, Carly used the following Estée Lauder makeup:

What do you think? If you have eyes like Miju's, is this something you'd try? Or do you already use techniques like this? And if you have hooded eyes instead, will you try these tricks to see how they work for you?

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