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Tips on finding the right eyebrow shape for your face and filling them in
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full structured brows_tutorial tips from Benefit's Jared Bailey

How to create full structured brows like Alexa's

We've done a couple of brow how-to videos so far, one on how to fill in thin brows for a natural finish and one with the best brow drama tips you've never heard (until now, of course). Now here's a tutorial for lovelies who prefer a full, structured arch, defined and bold without looking heavily painted. In the video below, Jared Bailey, dynamic global brow expert for Benefit Cosmetics, shows us how to create a flattering shape in three easy steps, and how to fill brows in for a lush defined finish. Along the way he shares great tips including how the brows can influence the perceived shape of your eyes and your face.

My favourite structured-brow tips from this tutorial with Jared: 

  1. A well arched brow can make eyes look rounder and more open.
  2. A straighter brow can make eyes look more almond-shaped.
  3. A too-short brow tail can make the face look fuller.
  4. When you're creating a full, structured brow, start filling in along the top.
  5. No girl wants to be lowbrow.
  6. A clean spoolie is essential for combing through and blending brow colour.

A note about Benefit Gimme Brow: I love this stuff, but because I have such sparse brows, I'm careful to use a light hand when I apply it – I don't like getting it on my skin because it makes my brows look too heavy and artificial. Folks with denser brows shouldn't have an issue. What's your experience with Gimme Brow if you've used it?

And tell me: do you prefer soft, natural brows or structured, dramatic brows like these? Are you arch-obsessed, or do you prefer a straighter brow shape?

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