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How to make eyes appear more lifted without looking heavily made up.
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makeup for droopy or downturned eyes

You don't need to have downturned or droopy eyes to benefit from our newest video tutorial with Estée Lauder pro Carly Wolk. A little visual eye lift (combined with these face-lift-with-contouring tricks and sky-high cheekbones techniques if need be) can be a self-esteem boost when you're tired or feeling like your face losing the battle against gravity. My favourite part about this look Carly's done on our lovely model-lady Audrey is that it's very natural and fresh. An understated finish is great practice before you bust out the techniques for a shindig-face with a richer palette and more generous application, right? 

makeup for downturned or droopy eyes

makeup for droopy or downturned eyes

Audrey before Carly's eye-lift makeup application for downturned or droopy eyes

Special thanks to lovely Audrey who graciously agreed to serve as our model for this on-the-spot droopy-eyes eye-makeup tutorial. Her eyes aren't especially downturned to begin with, so the visual lift reads more as a bright, alert gaze. (These are good tricks for that Monday-morning meeting makeup!)

makeup for droopy or downturned eyes

Audrey after Carly's eye-lift makeup application for downturned or droopy eyes

In the video below, Carly used the following Estée Lauder items:

7 ways to lift downturned or droopy eyes

  1. Use eye pencil along the upper lashes right at the base of the lashes, and stop before you get to the outer corner. If eyes are really downturned, stop eyeliner at the outer edge of the iris. Otherwise, stop about 3/4 of the way from the inner corner to outer. It concentrates the visual thickness of your lashes at the roundest part of your eye, making it look more open (and distracts from the downturned outer corner).
  2. Apply your light base shade from above the liner to the brow. Slightly intensify the lightness directly under the brow to emphasize the arch, which adds a visual lift.
  3. Apply a medium shade from the lash line to just above the crease. (Deeper set eyes? Keep the colour at the lash lines.) Take care not to extend past the outer end of your eyeliner.
  4. Use your deepest eye shadow shade to create a line angled up toward your crease from the outer edge of your eyeliner. For guidance, imagine a line that follows the trajectory from your lower lash line toward your brow.
  5. Use a brush with long, fluffy bristles to blend that deepest shadow line gently toward the centre of your lid.
  6. Use a brightening pen to apply a highlight to sharpen the outer edges of your makeup and add to the visual lift. Start from just under the edge of your lower lash line and stroke up toward the end of your brow. Tap-blend with a concealer brush.
  7. Focus your mascara on the outer two thirds of your lashes for a flirty effect that also boosts that visual lift.

This is such a subtle makeup application, yet it still adds definition and polish – I love that. Carly kept the palette light, even with the use of a rich burgundy pencil and deep brown shadow. Whaddya think?

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