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Maybe you thought I wouldn't notice...
OPI Romance Me Mystery Polish Beautygeeks

OPI Romance Me v2.0

I love my local Winners store. I find awesome OPI things there that I've never seen or heard of before. You know, things like everything in this OPI Mystery Post that I started over 2 years ago. 2013 – that's how far back my history with OPI Mystery shades goes. And you know what? They're still at it.

opi romance me mystery polish swatches 

OPI Romance Me 922 over Revlon Black Magic Mystery OPI

OPI Romance Me v2.0 over Revlon Black Magic

Behold OPI Romance Me (above).  That's one coat of OPI Romance Me over one coat of my all-time favourite OCW Revlon Black Magic. It's awesome and sparkly and perfect for this time of year! 

OPI Romance Me over Black NOPI Pick of the Glitter_Mystery OPI Beautygeeks

OPI Romance Me v2.0 over Revlon Black Magic

And here's the bottom label for OPI Romance Me NL 922 (above). No bar code... interesting. 

OPI Romance Me v2.0 over Revlon Black Magic

OPI Romance Me v2.0 over Revlon Black Magic - mattified

OPI Romance Me over Revlon Black Magic - mattified (above). You just knew I was gonna matte this, right? I mean, how could I not? Look at it! Yes! Win!

And now here's the kicker... the slap in the face, if you will...

OPI Mystery Polish Romance Me Beautygeeks

OPI Romance Me v2.0 (left) & v1.0 (right)

Oh yes. This is happening. For more information on what the skinny is on these re-named and re-labeled shades, head on over to our OPI Mystery post. It's got everything I can find on these retired, renamed shades. Did I mention that version 2.0 of Romance me is actually a Nicole by OPI shade called Pick of the Glitter that was apparently a Target/Ulta exclusive? Mm hm. If anyone has both the OPI and the NOPI, I'd love it if you could confirm a match for me! Right now I'm only 99% sure.

On one hand I'm pretty chuffed I can get my hands on OPI shades I didn't manage to get the first time around. On the other, I'm somewhat flabbergasted at this seemingly underhanded practice of renaming existing shades and selling them as something altogether different when in fact, they are not. The re-using of names somehow makes it even worse. It cheapens this brand that I mostly have nothing but love for. What are your thoughts, friends? Does it make you sad to see this too?

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she has a Pinterest Board of OPI Mysteries)