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this could get ugly...

MoYou London stamping plates are now readily available in Canada. Yep, you heard that right. What does that mean for me? Well it means I can try to art! Again. Let’s have a look and see what happened, k? This has the potential to get... ugly.

MoYou London Festive Starter Kit

MoYou London Festive Starter Kit

Here’s the cute little MoYou Festive Starter Kit. It’s plate 06 and it’s just in time for Ugly Christmas Sweater season! Yay!

MoYou London Starter Kit back of the box

MoYou London Festive Starter Kit

That’d be the back – it shows you the contents with some handy visual instructions.

MoYou London Festive Plate 06 Inside the Box

MoYou London Festive Starter Kit - the guts

When you de-box everything, if you’re me, you start to become overwhelmed by the amount of things packed inside. For this non-stamper/non-nail-arter, it’s almost enough to make me stuff it all back into the box and walk away.

MoYou London Stamping Plate 06 Festive Collection

MoYou London Festive Starter Kit - the instructions

But wait. The instructions don’t look so hard. It’s 6 little steps. Maybe I can do it?

MoYou London Festive Stamping Plate 06

MoYou London Festive Starter Kit - Festive Collection 06

And ooooh! Lookit the pretty festive things I can try to stamp!

How to Stamp on Fake Nails MoYou London Plates

Kiss Active Ovals on sticks

Yep, on fake nails. It’s a safer kind of experiment, don't you think? After all, I know my limitations. I’m pretty sure I don’t have the manual dexterity to do any kind of stamping the way Valesha over at Peachy Polish can (talk about nail-arting evny - wowza!)

How to Paint Fake Nails on Sticks

Kiss Active Ovals still on sticks

Those are my Kiss Active Oval medium length Glue-On nails ($9.99 at They’re a great shape and if they’re not, you can file them into any shape you like. I’ve obviously painted ‘em in festive shades and now I’m waiting for them to dry…

MoYou London Festive Collection Plate 6

Kiss Active Ovals + MoYou Festive stampings

Ta da! I stamped stuff! And you know what else? Those are my very first stampings of ever. I thought I’d have to do more and practice a bunch but really, stamping is pretty simple with this MoYou set. I don’t know if it’s that super-squishtastical stampy thing or if it’s the polishes that I chose but it was actually surprisingly easy to create these nails.

MoYou London Stamping Plate Festive Collection 2015

More Kiss Active Ovals with MoYou London Festive stampings

I made a few more after that and discovered the stamp images are perhaps a little small for the size of nails I have or maybe I’m just not that good at it but still, I'm giving myself an A for effort.

MoYou Stamp Festive Collection

Kiss Active Ovals + MoYou Festive Stampings = Ugly Christmas Sweater Nailz

Overall, I think I’m pleased with this result. The best part is now I get to wear Ugly Christmas Sweater nails that I never, ever, ever would have been able to create by  hand!

MoYou London stamping plates are now available online and in-store at The Festive Starter retails for $29.95CAD. They also carry MoYou polish and single plates. Good to know if you want to play stamping, huh?

I don’t know how many of you art but if you do, how the heck do you do this on your own nails and not make a huge mess? Like, how??

Fake nail manicures and photographs Karen Falcon (she'll never be a nail artist).