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New, old favourite re-discovered, or that stuff you always meant to try?
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fave beauty discoveries of 2015 includes amaterasu beauty brow pen

Three out of four of my fave beauty "discoveries" of 2015 – an Amaterasu brow pen is missing!

Sometimes the Lipstick League questions make me crazy. This time the lovely ladies want you to name one of your favourite beauty discoveries of 2015. One. As if I can stop at just one. How's four? And of the four, one was a new launch worldwide, one was a new-to-Canada launch, and two I'd been meaning to try for ages and now need to keep in multiples so I never run out.

fave beauty discovery (x4) of 2015

amaterasu liquid brow liner

Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner (formerly known as Geisha Ink Liquid Eyebrow Liner), above

  1. It's not in the opening post photo because I've used my Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner ($30 at up so completely that the tip is paper-dry and the label has long rubbed off from the outer tube. I first tried it when it was still called Geisha Ink Liquid Eyebrow Liner and I fell instantly in love; the image above is my favourite photograph of the two of us together. But catastrophe! I've misplaced my new, back-up pen. Waaah! My brows have been tragic in the weeks without my Amaterasu brow pen; my order from can't come fast enough. 

  2. I've been geeking out about the Laneige BB Cushion SPF 50 ($44 CAN at and $34 US at target.comfor months – it's so good – since the brand launched exclusively at Sephora in Canada. Rather than repeat, I'll just link to a previous I-love-Laneige-BB-Cushion post, shall I? 

  3. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer ($7.97 at and $6.99 US at has a permanent home on the corner of my bathtub. I've geeked out about it before too – here's the Jergens Moisturizer for Wet Skin post I wrote months before its debut, and the Lipstick League post in which I confess to using it on dry skin, too. And you can bet I'll be layering it under body lotion this winter.

  4. My newest "discovery" is in the how-did-I-ever-live-without-it category: Aveeno Positively Nourishing Conditioning Leave-In Treatment ($5.97 at and $5.51 at, which I'd tried a couple of times forever ago and forgot about. This second go-around is a much better experience because I figured out it works best if I apply it before curl-enhancing mousse. Used that way, this Aveeno leave-in conditioner makes my hair so soft and helps my frizz become loose natural waves and curls as I let it air-dry. Adore. Re-upping tomorrow because I have just enough left for one more application.

Now you: after the Lipstick League link-fest below, remember to tell us about your fave beauty discovery (or discoveries) for 2015!

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Here's what the Lipstick League is talking about right now

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So, what's your fave beauty discovery (or four) of 2015?