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What happens when you miss your beauty advent calendar's best-before date?
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TheFaceShop 2015 Beauty Advent Calendar

THEFACESHOP Beauty Advent Calendar 2015

What? It's already December 2nd? Just 23 days before Christmas? Wait, where's my 2015 beauty advent calendar from THEFACESHOP? Sheesh, missed the first day. 

TheFaceShop Beauty Advent Calendar 2015

THEFACESHOP Beauty Advent Calendar 2015 – teddybear not included.

And what if you're just seeing my FACESHOP advent calendar for the first time and really want one for yourself? Would you buy a 24-day advent calendar after the countdown has already started? If it were still available for purchase? (THEFACESHOP's 2015 Beauty Advent Calendar – $69 CAN at -- is out of stock. As are most 24-day beauty advent calendars, if not all.)

TheFaceShop beauty advent calendar 2015 contents

THEFACESHOP Beauty Advent Calendar – sampling of contents.

One more question: would you give a beauty advent calendar as a gift on December 25th, or do you have to give it in time for December 1st?

TheFaceShop Beauty Advent Calendar 2015_TheFaceShop Bebe Lip Mask

THEFACESHOP Beauty Advent Calendar – Bebe Lip Mask, I love you.

All questions aside, I hope THEFACESHOP does a 24-day beauty advent calendar again next year. It's filled with full-sized, fun things to try, such as moisturizing hand masks, a facial sheet mask, sleeping packs, makeup items, nail colour, and my favourite Bebe Lip Mask. 

THEFACESHOP has locations in the US as well as in Canada; as yet delivers only in Canada.