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Please any nail nerd on your gift list for under $20
Essie Holiday Set 2015

Essie Holiday Set 2015 L-R: Ballet Slippers, A-List, Cocktail Bling, Mind Your Mittens, Rock At The Top

Oooh! Lookit! It's the Essie Holiday Gift Set for 2015! And you know what else? It's limited edition. This version is the one available in Canada and it's stuffed with 5 mini shades. If you fall in love with one (or all) of these minis, you can pop out and buy the full sized too because they're all blockbuster shades in the core lineup.

Essie Holiday Set Winter 2015

Essie Limited Edition 2015 Holiday Gift Set

Remember when the Essie Shearling Darling Collection launched in 2013 and there was that big huge mix-up with the shades Mind Your Mittens and Parka Perfect? It's back! And it's still fun!

I don't have a bottle of Mind Your Mittens (v1.0 or v2.0) so, where can you buy this for me? Pretty much anywhere Essie is sold in Canada. You know, drugstores (like Shoppers Drug Mart) and mass-market retailers. It's $17.99 for the set. Good, right? The U.S. has a version too. It looks like this:

Essie Holiday Gift Set 2015

Essie Holiday Gift Set 2015

This one is available from or for $12.99US. (Attn: Canadians – did you know now ships to Canada?) And see? Mind Your Mittens is different. And the US set has only four shades. Canadians get five. Score!

For more information on all things Essie, head on over to And here, if you missed 'em, allow me to supply you with these lovely lazy links to our Swatches & Reviews of Essie Winter 2015 and Essie Fall 2015.

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