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Here's what you get when you put Kat Von D in one corner and Formula X Nail in the other!
Kat Von D Formula X Nail Polish Collection 2015

Kat Von D vs Formula X Nail Polish Collection 2015

News: “For the first time ever, Formula X Nail and famed tattoo artist and beauty phenomenon, Kat Von D, have come together to create this exclusive collection of nail polishes, inspired by Kat Von D’s bestselling Studded Kiss Lipstick Collection. Each nail polish is expertly color matched to three Studded Kiss Lipstick shades, along with two coveted shades – Vampira… and L.U.V.” Shall we look?

kat von d vs formula x collection swatches & review

Kat Von D Formula X Tijuana_KVD vs Formula X Nail 2015

Kat Von D vs Formula X Tijuana

KVD vs Formula X Tijuana (above) went on in two easy coats. One wasn’t enough for perfect coverage or to achieve the depth of colour I prefer. Once I got that second coat on, I began to wonder why I don’t wear red more often. This one is smashing. Not a lobstah in sight! It’s warm but not too warm. Stunning, really. It’s a stop-you-in-your-tracks kind of red.

Kat Von D vs Formula X Vampira_KVD vs Formula X Nail 2015

Kat Von D vs Formula X Vampira

KVD vs Formula X Vampira (above). Again, that’s two coats. Interestingly enough, from here on in, I had troubles with application. I don’t know if my fingers were too warm or maybe the polish was too cold, but I found it tricky to work with. I had to put about 2x the normal amount of polish on the brush to get the stuff down evenly. The shade payoff though? Just beautiful. And the finish? Shiny!

Formula X KVD LUV_Formula X Kat Von D Sephora

Kat Von D vs Formula X L.U.V.

KVD vs Formula X L.U.V. (above). Check this out! It’s L.U.V shot at night in 100% artificial light! I never shoot in artificial light and I’ll show you why – just hang tight. But I had to show you this first because it's an accurate portrayal of this shade. This here L.U.V. is remarkable. It’s not really a chameleon but it’s a chameleon. You’re lookin’ at two moderate coats there to get that kind of light-eating coverage. 

Kat Von D Formula X LUV_KVD vs Formula X Nail 2015

Kat Von D vs Formula X L.U.V.

Kat Von D vs Formula X L.U.V. (above). Same bottle! Same! Ta da!! L.U.V. in 100% natural light! Amazing, right? It’s like a totally different bottle of polish in the daytime! The shimmery bits reflect so much daylight that it shows as a vibrant violet instead of a grape. Technology – it’s astounding!

Kat Von D Formula X Piaf_KVD vs Formula X Nail 2015

Kat Von D vs Formula X Piaf

Kat Von D vs Formula X Piaf (above). Wow. Just wow. I still found application challenging but if I can do it (really, really slowly), then you can do it too. And should you? Uh huh. I mean look at it. It’s simply beautiful. It’s ringing all kinds of polish-memory bells as a dupe for something, but right now I can’t think of what it is. I’m still keeping it though. It’s fan-freakin’-tastic.

Kat Von D Formula X NaYeon_KVD vs Formula X Nail Collection 2015

Kat Von D vs Formula X NaYeon

Kat Von D vs Formula X NaYeon (above). I’ve heard rumors that this shade is selling out fast. Aside from the fact it matches the Kat Von D NaYeon Studded lippie perfectly, it’s quite a stunner of a polish. This is exactly the kind of shade you can wear all through fall and right into the dead of winter. It’s perfect like that. You gonna try to get you one? Huh?

If you hurry, you might be able to snag your limited edition shades at and While you’re there, you might want to have a peek at the Kat Von D Studded Lipsticks. Here, I can help you with that:

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