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#LoveIsOn in 2016 and I'll totally show you why!
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Hallo Pretties! I know, right? Revlon nails! It feels like a long time since we’ve seen something new and maybe it has been. The brand's nail enamel focus has shifted away from nail art and back into the effortlessly beautiful shades that have long been the stuff I’ve come to equate with Revlon.

Revlon Nail Polish 2016 Love Is On

Revlon Spring 2016 nail colour collection

Before I forget, I should mention that the whole of the Spring 2016 collection is 5-Free. That means no formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, camphor, or formaldehyde resin. Yay! (Guess Health Canada is now allowing the toluene-free claim after all. A banned substance in Canada, it's not supposed to be in the formula anyway, and thus its absence couldn't be called out. At least that's what The Body Shop told us Health Canada had told them when they launched their current nail colour line.)

revlon 2016 nail swatches & review

Revlon Nail Polish 2016_Revlon Romantique Nail Enamel

Revlon Romantique 165

Revlon Romantique 165 (above). All the polishes are two remarkably easy coats. You know why? Well that’s because Revlon has been doing this since 1932. They’re good at it. And they’re also good at making a neutral that looks good on my digits! A non-nude lover, I think I might actually be in love with Romantique.

Revlon Nail Polish 2016_Revlon Adventurous 641 Nail Enamel

Revlon Adventurous 641

Revlon Adventurous 641 (above). Unh. How to describe the love I have for this shade? I can’t. I don’t know what Revlon has done but they’ve made shades that are apparently just for me. If you know me, you know I don’t generally roll with shades like these simply because they don’t suit my skintone. Uh, Adventurous does. Like, really, really well! I do believe that #LoveIsOn.

Revlon Nail Polish 2016_Revlon Vivacious 276 Nail Enamel

Revlon Vivacious 276

Revlon Vivacious 276 (above). Seriously, need I say more than this 1000 words? No. I don’t think so. Okay, I’ll say this: Two coats. No top coat. Big smile.

Revlon Nail Polish 2016_Revlon Stunner 920 Nail Enamel over Vivacious 276

Revlon Stunner 920 over Vivacious 276

Revlon Stunner 920 over Vivacious 276 (above). Okay. You want me to tell you what’s happening here, but all I can do is sorta look at it and wonder what Revlon was thinking. Those question mark glitter bits? Uh, they’re not question marks – they’re leopard spots. Hahahaaaa! Not. And mixed with bar glitter and little confetti bits? No, Revlon. Just no. (Oh – and those two “leopard spots?” I had to fish and fish and fish and fish and fish. They should have been called Fish Spots.)

Revlon Nail Polish 2016_Revlon Passionate 274 Nail Enamel

Revlon Passionate 274

Revlon Passionate 274 (above). Perfect raspberry jelly in two coats. Dear Revlon, I love you.

Revlon Nail Polish 2016_Revlon Stunner over Passionate Nail Enamel

Revlon Stunner 920 over Passionate 274

Revlon Stunner 920 over Passionate 274 (above). Dear Revlon, I still love you even though this top coat, to me, is a complete fail. I really don’t get it. Am I using it wrong, Revlon? If so, please advise. Please.  <{{{>< 

Revlon Nail Polish 2016_Revlon Irresistible 733 Nail Enamel

Revlon Irresistible 733 (above)

Revlon Irresistible 733 (above). Gah!!!! Perfect cornflower blue! Gah! Two stupendously simple coats with no drag, no balding, excellent level, and grand shiny! I’ma keep this one for spring and then I’ma wear the crap out of it. It’s going to happen – if you see me on the TTC, you’re going to be so jealous that I have it and you don’t. Ha! Sucka!

Revlon Nail Polish 2016_Revlon Hypnotic 450 Nail Enamel

Revlon Hypnotic 450 (above)

Revlon Hypnotic 450 (above). Jewel tones. Jewelllll tones!!! This crazy great shade of awesome has a satin-gloss finish. You can’t tell that well from this shot here but wait – I’ll show it to you with top coat…

Revlon Hypnotic Nail Polish with top coat_Revlon Nail 2016

Revlon Hypnotic 450 with top coat

Revlon Hypnotic 450 with top coat (above). Shimmerytasticalz jewel tones!! Seriously, Revlon SO has my number with this 2016 collection. It’s almost scary – I’m pretty sure I didn’t give them my number. Maybe they Googled it?

Revlon Nail Polish 2016_Revlon Uninhibited Nail Enamel

Revlon Uninhibited 645

Revlon Uninhibited 645 (above). Just look at that orangey-coppery flecktastical shade of autumn and be amazed that I did that in two coats. Mm hm. True story. It’s got enough warmth in it to prevent it from washing my fingers out, and it fairly gleams without top coat. Smooth to the touch and absolutely stunning. I’m a fan.

Revlon Uninhibited 645_Revlon Nail Polish 2016 Collection

Revlon Uninhibited 645

Revlon Uninhibited 645 (above). Here it is again with more light hitting it. More brighter, juicier, shimmery-er oranger! #GimmieThat

Revlon Untamed 934 Polish_Revlon Nail 2016

Revlon Untamed 934

Revlon Untamed 934 (above). Smoooooth. I don’t know if you see smooth when you look at that but I do because I know the finish on this amazeballz shade is smooth – I’ve felt it up. Repeatedly. What else can I say about Untamed 934? Nothing except that every once in a while Revlon punches out a shade that absolutely stuns me. I’m stunned by this shade of beauty. I mean who else is making this for mass-market and drugstore shelves at this price point? Nobody.

Revlon Untamed 934 Matte_Revlon Nail 2016

Revlon Untamed 934 mattified

Revlon Untamed 934 mattified (above). And here is where I really fell hard for Untamed. I got no words. None. Zero. All I got is #GrabbyHands.

And that’s it for the Revlon Nail Enamel Spring 2016 Collection. There is one more shade I haven’t managed to get my fingers into yet. From my press release, it appears to be a rosy latte nude. I’m gonna try to get it in and I’ll keep you posted. 

The Revlon Spring 2016 shades will join the core lineup of Revlon nail polish when they hit shelves in December 2015, at mass-market retailers and drugstores all over the place. For more information on all Revlon nail things, head on over to

Happy day errrrybody!

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