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Great shades, exceptional coverage and excellent brushes – it's one of those *good* fall collections!
Formula X Nail Color Fall 2015 Sephora

Sephora Formula X Fall 2015 collection

Sephora's Formula X Fall 2015 nail polish shades are swell. They're on target for what I'd call autumn shades. Shall we have a quick look?

formula x fall 2015 swatches & review

Formula X Grandeur Nail Polish 2015

Formula X Grandeur

Formula X Grandeur (above) is deep navy black. Edgy and barely blue, it's one of those Fall shades that doesn't ever seem to go out of style. Oh, and I did that in one easy coat. Amaze.

Formula X Acclaimed Nail Polish Fall 2015 Sephora

Formula X Acclaimed

Formula X Acclaimed (above) is a OCW!!!! Can you even believe it? One coat. That's it. Pretty sure you don't need to know more than that, right? 

Formula X Elite Nail Polish Fall 2015 Sephora

Formula X Elite

And guess what else? Formula X Elite (above) is a OCW!! too!! I don't know how they're making this stuff but it's genius. The coverage is outstanding. Unquestionably.

Formula X Ignite Nail Polish Fall 2015 Sephora

Formula X Ignite

Formula X Ignite (above) is a stunning Fall red. Perfectly warm and toasty, yet with enough blue to make it a true red that you can wear whether you have cool skintones or warm. And it'll take you right in to holiday. I rolled with two coats on this one just to get depth of colour. Do you need to? Nope. Should you? Yep.

Formula X Decadent Nail Polish Fall 2015 Sephora

Formula X Decadent

Formula X Decadent (above) is a wickedly dark bittersweet chocolate that reads bittersweet chocolate. If black is too serious for you, think about this shade. Somehow it greys my fingers out so it's not for me (I wish it were) but it might just be for you! 

formula x clix! the look

Formula X Clix The Look Majestic Over the Moon Nail Polish 2015

Formula X Clix! The Look

Oooh! What's this? Oooh! A tidy little pair of minis! Let's get closer!

Formula X Clix 2015 Majestic and Over The Moon The Look Nail

Formula X Clix! The Look

If you take it all apart, you can see it's two minis that click right into that little lid thingy. Best part? Full-sized brushes. Oh my! A full sized brush in a mini? Dreams really do come true! 

Formula X Clix 2015 Majestic and Over The Moon The Look Nail

Formula X Majestic

Above is Formula X Majestic from The Look Clix Mini set. That's two coats and the navy here is inky navy, not black. It shows blue. I quite like that in a blue.

Formula X Over The Moon over Majestic The Look Clix Sephora 2015

Formula X Over The Moon over Formula X Majestic

I've shown you the Formula X Over The Moon top coat (above) before. Pretty sure I raved about it then, and I'm just gonna rave about it some more now. I mean come on! Look at it! I love it! Over anything dark, it's gonna pop you a whack of love for your polish job. It's one of those top coats that's been stuck in my Top 5 for a couple years now. If you don't have one yet, then whatcha waitin' for?

I have much love for the Formula X line of polish and I've said so a bunch of times. The stuff is solid. The formulas are great, the brushes that are in the bottles do their job very precisely (that makes me happy) and the finish is generally a nice, shiny, plasticized finish. There are a few things I look for in a polish and I gotta say that Formula X really meets all my criteria for a stand-up kind of brand. It's just consistently good. 

All these shades ($13 at and $10.50 at are available now. Keep your eyes peeled for the Formula X Holiday 2016 offerings too - they're comin' (in fact, some are online already at!

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Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she thinks cake should be for more than just birthdays)