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Limited-edition balm to help raise awareness and funds to fight AIDS in Africa.
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Fresh Suga(red) Lip Treatment_aka Fresh Sugar (RED) Lip Treatment

Fresh Suga(red) Lip Treatment: the original with a fancy new superhero outfit

If you forced me to choose just one from the full range of deliciously conditioning Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment balms, I'd fail. Peony! Coral! Rosé! Tulip! Cherry! Fig! Untinted! Advanced Therapy! But come this December, I'd get an A+. I'd choose Fresh Suga(red) Lip Treatment. It's the much-loved original in a limited-run superhero outfit for a very good cause.

fresh suga(red) lip treatment

Ack, I keep wanting to type Fresh Sugar (Red). Should I type it in all caps – SUGA(RED)? Anyway, the first gives-back beauty item in the Fresh lineup, this snappy-looking Fresh Suga(red) Lip Treatment ($26 at is also a first for (RED), the organization founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to battle AIDS in Africa. They usually partner with fashion labels; this is their first hook-up with a beauty brand.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment fans are already well familiar with the supremely emollient citrussy stick that combines sugar with beeswax and natural oils including castor seed, jojoba seed, grapeseed, wheat germ, olive and sunflower, as well as SPF 15 via Octinoxate and Oxybenzone. If you haven't tried a Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and have always wanted to, maybe this should be your first. (Just know this: the tube is metal and the stick softens easily in warm conditions. Don't apply with pressure.)

From each sale of the Fresh Suga(red) Lip Treatment, 25% of the retail price will go toward providing HIV/AIDS medication to afflicted Africans. The limited-edition balm will be in stores this December. And of course, beauty-math: Fresh Suga(red) Lip Treatment + Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy = brilliant gift.

Thoughts about the Fresh (RED) partnership? Do you have a favourite Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment shade?

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