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We’re barely into fall but look at all this pretty!

Feb 2, 2016 Update: Here's your link to our OPI New Orleans Collection Swatches, Review, and Comparison Post. Come on over!

Hey! We're all up into Spring around here – our Beautygeek is all over 2016 releases from Maybelline – and guess what? OPI New Orleans 2016 – that’s what! Yep, I fell into the interwebz again and found a whole bunch of awesome things to show you! Well, show you again on account that when we first published this, we were asked to take it down until closer to the on-shelf date. Anyway, let's look. 

OPI New Orleans Display Set Beautygeeks

OPI New Orleans Collection SS2016

opi spring 2016: new orleans

It’s the OPI New Orleans collection and it’s slated for spring 2016. I’ve had zero official news on this stuff and everything I’m showing you is scrounged from the web and from unofficial sources. If any of it is wrong, oops. But don’t worry, I’m sure official word is somewhere around the corner.

OPI New Orleans Collection 2016 FirstHalf

OPI New Orleans Collection Spring/Summer 2016

What do I have? A whack of bottle shots, the shade names, some pretty pictures, and a shade chart I made using all the bottles. Call it a snack.

OPI New Orleans Mini Set Beautygeeks

OPI New Orleans Mini Set 2016

It’s enough for now, right? After all, we’re only mid-way through October and if all signs are correct, we should still see the OPI Hello Kitty Collection before this.

OPI New Orleans 2016 SecondHalf Beautygeeks

OPI New Orleans Collection Spring/Summer 2016

I made you this little slideshow that gets you closer to the bottle shots. Dunno if it's useful to you but here it is:

Shots like these don’t say that much about what we’re looking forward to but they give us a general idea of what’s coming down the pike. I always reserve judgment until the bottles are in my hands – you do too, right?

OPI New Orleans 2016 Spring Summer Beautygeeks

Manigeek's OPI New Orleans Collection Spring/Summer 2016 Shade Chart

OPI New Orleans 2016 Shade Listing (unofficial):
Let Me Bayou A Drink
Suzi Nails New Orleans
I Manicure for Beads
Spare Me a French Quarter
She's a Bad Muffaletta
Got Myself Into a Jam-balaya
Crawfishin' For Compliments
Take a Right on Bourbon
I'm Sooo Swamped!
Rich Girls & Po-Boys
Show Us Your Tips!

OPI New Orleans 2016 Beautygeeks

OPI New Orleans Collection 2016 Beautygeeks Composite

Hope you enjoyed your glimpse into the future – or the past if you saw this post when it first went up – and we'll chat soon?