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Essie Luxeffects 2015 Swatches & Review

It's a bar-glitter-fest all up in here; our fellow nail-colour geek Kellie G shows us what's up in this special-guest post

Hey! Guess what!! I gots you a Kellie G (I call her Kell-eh on account of the fact it makes it all kinds of Canadian to say eh) from, and she's bringing you some collection swatches of stuff you haven't even seen yet!!! Let's look together!

essie luxeffects 2015 swatches & review by kellie gonzo

Essie LuxEffects 2015 Swatches Review Beautygeeks

Essie Luxeffects 2015 

Hi everyone over at Beautygeeks! I'm Kellie Gonzo and I am so excited and thrilled to be posting here! Thank you to the BG team for inviting me! I have your first look at the Essie LuxEffects 2015: four fabulous glitters that are perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

Essie Luxeffects 2015_essie-fashion-flares

Essie Luxeffects 2015 – Essie Fashion Flares over White

Essie Fashion Flares (above) is a mix of metallic fuchsia bar glitter and various sizes of black hex glitters in a clear base. I put this over a white crème. That's two coats and I really liked the dense look it gives. You could wear this over a lighter pink, a silver, or even a matching fuchsia for a three dimensional look.

Essie Luxeffects 2015_essie-fashion-flares-shade

Essie Luxeffects 2015 – Essie Fashion Flares over White (in shade)

Essie Fashion Flares (above) in shade. Glitter looks different in the shade on account of the lack of light bouncing off it. See?

Essie Luxeffects 2015_essie-tassel-shaker

Essie Luxeffects 2015 – Essie Tassel Shaker over Black

Essie Tassel Shaker (above) is made up of copper and cool gold bar glitter pieces, with the copper coming through the heaviest. I used two coats over a black crème. I love golds in general so this is right up my alley. I used two coats here; there is less glitter payoff with this one. I would say this over a gold polish or silver chrome would probably look amazing.

Essie Luxeffects 2015_essie-tassel-shaker-shade

Essie Luxeffects 2015 – Essie Tassel Shaker over Black (in shade)

Essie Tassel Shaker (above) in da shade.

Essie Luxeffects 2015_essie-frilling-me-softly

Essie Luxeffects 2015 – Essie Frilling Me Softly over blue crème

Essie Frilling Me Softly (above) has silver bar glitters mixed with a few sizes of metallic pale blue hexes in a clear base. I put one coat over a dark blue crème. This is about as dense as Fashion Flares, more so than Tassel Shaker. At first glance, it's not particularly unique, but on second glance you notice the little blue glitter bits that somehow liven it up and make it really special.

Essie Luxeffects 2015_essie-frilling-me-softly-shade

Essie Luxeffects 2015 – Essie Frilling Me Softly over blue crème (shade)

Essie Frilling Me Softly over a blue crème (above) in the shade.

Essie Luxeffects 2015_essie-fringe-factor

Essie Luxeffects 2015 – Essie Fringe Factor

Essie Fringe Factor (above) is, in my opinion, the most interesting shade in the Essie Luxeffects 2015 Collection. It's a metallic, cool-toned gunmetal grey bar glitter mixed with a lighter, warmer, almost rose-gold bar glitter, all in a clear base. There are also two sizes of bars in both colors, skinny and wider ones. I tried this over a few different colored bases and this was my favorite combo, over a warm mid-tone brown crème. I could also see this working over a deep grey or a silver chrome.

Essie Luxeffects 2015_essie-fringe-factor-shade

Essie Luxeffects 2015 – Essie Fringe Factor (shade)

Essie Fringe Factor over a warm brown crème (above) in the shade.

If you wanted to build these Essie Luxeffects 2015 shades up to full opacity it would probably take at least four coats and I'm betting that would make them too thick to wear. Your dry time would be severely compromised too. The base isn't too heavy with these, like some clear based glitters can be, but four coats would be pushing it. I've heard that you can use a makeup sponge to absorb some of the base and then build up glitters by sponging them on. I don't know if I'm ambitious enough to do something like that.

Tell me what you think about these beauties! My favorite has to be Fashion Flares, it's unique to my collection which is a feat! I know bar glitter is not everyone's cup of tea (*cough* ManiGeek!), but I've always really liked it.

The Essie Luxeffects 2015 Collection lands on counter at Ulta and Nordstrom on November 10th. In Canada, as always, hit up or Shoppers Drug Mart. Thanks to Karen and Janine for letting me guest post, it's been a blasty-blast!

❤ Kellie

The products mentioned were provided by Essie Canada for an honest review.

Manicures and photographs by Kellie G of the fantastical (If you haven't been to visit her, I don't know if we can be friends. She is best). Go. Go now. 
Many, many thanks for your hard work, Kell-eh! You make bar glittah look gooood.