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You went in for a sweater coat and maybe a pretty new scarf...
HM Beauty Department Nail Polish Swatches

The Beauty Department at H&M - Nail Polish

I'm standing in line at H&M to cash out with my pretty new fall scarf and what do I see over there? Crack. Okay, fine – not crack, but nail polish! Same same though, right? So many colours! So many!

HM Nail Polish Swatches Beautygeeks Composite

H&M Nail Polish Collection - from the H&M Beauty Department

You want to know if it's worth it. You want to know if it's for nail nerds or just for impulse amateur nail polish buyers. I'm here to give you the ManiGeek perspective.

HM Nail Polish_HM Mimosa Blossom

H&M Nail Polish- Mimosa Blossom

I used a bunch of it. I had a really decent sample size and I started with the yellow shimmery shade called H&M Mimosa Blossom (above). That was 4 coats. M hm. I said 4. It needed that many to get to opaque and to level out perfectly. If I'd used thicker coats, I might have got away with 3.

HM Beauty Nail Polish Brush Swatches Review

H&M Beauty Nail Polish Brush in Mimosa Blossom

The brush in that bottle was an absolute pleasure to use. It's a paddle that's a good width to easily polish my decent sized real-estate. Perfectly rounded at the edge to give me clean lines, I must say I was mightily pleased to see a quality brush. But, the brushes weren't this perfect in the rest of the bottles. Some of them are a touch uneven and you know how I feel about imperfect brushes. They make me angry. They should make you angry too. You deserve a good brush. Yes, you do.

HM Nail Polish Green as Gold over Smoky Loden_HM Beauty Nail Swatches 2015

H&M Nail Polish - Green as Gold over Smoky Loden

The shades themselves aren't groundbreaking - they can't really be too far off already-popular with a launch collection. And truth be told, I'm pretty sure the target audience is not you or me.

HM Nail Polish Carbon Copy_HM Beauty 2015

H&M Nail Polish - Carbon Copy

Here in Canada, the 8mL bottles of H&M nail polish retail at $6.99CAD. For your edification, a 15mL bottle of OPI now retails here for $11.50CAD. For shades that aren't new to any of us who have a decent-sized Archive, and for brush quality that is somewhat spotty, in my estimation, if you're a nail nerd, these aren't for you. However, if you're standing in line and don't have the shade, pop the top, look at the brush to make sure it's even, and take your little pretty home with you. Apart from Mimosa Blossom that needed 4 coats, the polish quality is fairly good. Most only needed two, level well, and dry in an average amount of time. And in Canada $6.99 is still relatively inexpensive for a decent quality polish.

Please enjoy this H&M Nail Polish Swatch Slideshow we made you!

Whaddya think? Would you buy an H&M nail polish on impulse? Have you tried one of them yet?

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